Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 9th April 2020 Written Update: Tripura saves Palash from his attack

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Episode starts with Sherry request Tipsy to share her room with Amma so she can spend time with Vishal. Tipsy denies to leave her room. Sherry says fine we can spend in Vishal room and leaves with him. Tipsy looks frustrated. Karan says don’t worry I will sleep in Hall. Tipsy goes to her room and warns Karan that don’t come inside her room because lock is not working. Karan goes inside and tries to tease her but she warns him to electrocuted if he comes near her fir sex. Karan gets angry saying it’s just teasing and questions her what’s the need of thinking about him in wrong way and leaves outside. Tipsy goes behind him and apologies for her behavior. Karan says I’m sleeping on old bedsheet just for you and fir sex I may get many proposals and I love you and won’t even feel you’re sexy. She gets angry for his last word ,goes inside but later she comes out and adjust his duvvet and she gets electrocuated and sleep beside him. Karan smiles seeing her.

Next morning Romila comes to Tipsy house and sees Tipsy with Karan. Romila and Sherry questions Tipsy why she is sleeping with Karan. Tipsy says don’t know. Someone knocks the door and it’s turned to be Madhav and Addy. Madhav asks Sherry to come with him to have idly. Addy also asks Tipsy to join him. Karan,Vishal and Romila hides in bathroom. Karan gets angry thinking it’s like double date. Karan says bathroom is locked and how to help Radhika than he asks Romila to try her lock trick.

Bela shouts and questions how can they lock cafe. Karan reaches to the place and notices the problem. Bela notices Radhika suffering from Palpation and she asks Karan to take Radhika to home.

Karan asks Radhika to relax. Radhika says it’s the only one thing to become independent and thinks about how to pay 75lacks. Karan calls Palash and meets him and infirms him that they will pay the money. Palash says his client won’t agree and informs Karan that they can’t win the case. Karan says I will give you the money so drop the case. Palash says it’s about my name not about money. Karan angrily leaves.

Tripura gets worried when Karan is not answering her calls than he calls her asks her to meet him. At disco Palash meets his date. She tries to leave saying it’s 1and half hour late. Than Palash asks her for one dance. After their dance both have drinks, and he impress her and on his way Palash thinks about his moments with Tipsy and his father. He drops his date at her home and makes her embarrassed.

Seeing Tripura, Karan hugs her. Tripura gets call and she leaves to attend the new patient. Tripura rushes to hospital and gets shocked seeing Palash and tries to save him with her team while reminscing their old moments. Mr Mehta notice her. Once Palash is out of danger, Tripura tries to leave but Palash father urges her to help his son to come out from his addiction. Palash sees her from icu window and both reminsces their moments. Tipsy hurriedly leaves with Karan to her home.

Mr Mehta says what’s this madness, do you want to die. Palash says now I want to live. Sherry notices disturbed Tipsy and asks her what happened. Tipsy informs that she met Palash as her patient. Sherry advices Tipsy to stay away from Palash because this time she have Karan who loves her so much.

Next day Palash meets Tipsy and thanks her for saving him. Tipsy ignores him,giving the card of other rehabilitation center. Palash says why you didn’t marry anyone until now. Then nurse handovers champagne from Karan to her. Tipsy says until now I didn’t found anyone but now it’s different.

Tipsy meets Karan and questions why he send champagne to her work place. Karan says tgan what to do can I send it your house, than she gets silent. Karan asks her why she looks worried. Tipsy says nothing but I cane here to see your shooting. Karan ask her to reveal the truth. Tipsy says I didn’t feel like working so came to meet you. Karan says at tough times our heart always suggest us to meet our love. Tipsy says I won’t believe.

Tipsy advices their team to make everything perfect in their new rehab center launch. Tipsy asks their head that this property in dispute right.  He says we got the property because of him showing the Palash. Tipsy gets shocked.