Karthika Deepam 11th June 2021 Written Update: Hima and Shaurya question Karthik

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Episode begins with hima asking why are they looking like they are not happy with their arrival. Soundarya tells her that they are shocked. Shaurya asks them to smile atleast as a greeting and they all smile at her. Hima not finding her Mother asks for her which makes them tensed. Aditya to change the topic asks her as to why they are here soo soon. Shaurya says that they were going to stay there more but the driver had work because of which he won’t be able to return till four days that’s why they asked the driver to drop them. Shaurya again asks for her mother amd Soundarya asks her to bath as the days are not good. Shaurya says that Karthik and Deepa’s phone was out of coverage because of which they thought tehy both are together and laughs. She asks as to why they are not saying anything about Deepa and Soundarya again asks her to bath. Shravya takes her with her but Hima stays and asks Karthik as to why he is looking dull. Soundarya tells her that he is missing her and asks her to stop questioning. Hima leaves from there.

Monitha starts vomiting and her maid holds her. Monitha tells her that soon she will hold a baby with her abilities and the maid asks her whether Karthik will agree to which monitha asks her to wait and watch.

Deepa is sitting outside remembering Laxman and his words. She is in a conflict with herself. Her neighbour comes to her. Deepa tells her about Laxman and his request. She asks her to ingnore his request as he is innocent and don’t have understanding ability. She tells her taht if he is to live then he will and leaves from there. Deepa decides to talk with Karthik for Laxman.

Shaurya searches for Deepa and when she didn’t find her, she goes to her room and finding it empty searches it. She finds the wardrobe empty and wonders whether Deepa left the house or Karthik sent her out. She cries thinking that whether they fought and that’s why Karthik sent her to the farmhouse forcefully. She decides to ask Karthik and leaves from there.

Hima is asking Karthik for her mother. Karthik is in a fix as to what to answer. Shaurya comes there and tells her that Deepa left the house. Karthik looks at Soundarya shocked. Shaurya asks him as to why did he let Deepa leave from the house when she jsut returned from the hospital. Hima asks him whether he has sent them to the hospital because he wanted to send Deepa out of the house. Hima holds his hand and asks him to say taht Deepa is still in the house. The Screen Freezes On Four Of Them.

Precap: Hima and Shaurya comes to Deepa and husg her happily. Deepa tells them that she was uncomfortable in that big house that’s why she left it. Hima says that Karthik is uncomfortable in this small house to which Deepa says that he can chose where to live and Karthik says taht he will live with them.