Karthika Deepam 11th November 2022 Written Update: Anandrao takes Anand away

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The episode starts with Mounitha recalling what happened and getting confused if Karthik recalled his memory or not. Anandrao waits for Mounitha in her boutique. Siva Latha sees Mounitha coming. Mounitha sees Anandrao and worries about them meeting Karthik. Mounitha asks Anandrao what is he here for? Anandrao greets Mounitha. Anandrao says he wants to talk to her about something and asks her to come inside.

Mounitha goes inside and sees that Hima is playing with Anand. Hima requests Mounitha to take Anand with them. Mounitha doesn’t agree at first. Mounitha feels Anandrao and Hima won’t leave if she doesn’t give Anand to them. Mounitha thinks it will be a problem if Karthik meets Anandrao and Hima and decides to send them as quickly as possible. Mounitha asks Siva Latha to pack Anand’s clothes. Mounitha goes looking for Karthik.

Mounitha goes to Deepa’s house and asks where is Karthik. Deepa says Karthik is in her house. Mounitha goes to her house. Mounitha sees Karthik going inside. Mounitha calls Karthik and says Siva got hit by a lorry and says he is in the hospital and asks Karthik to go to the car. Karthik agrees. Siva asks Karthik who is getting in to the car along with Mounitha where are they going? Karthik says Siva got hit by a truck. Karthik sees Siva and asks Mounitha what is this? Mounitha says she also doesn’t know as someone said to her on the phone that Siva got hit by a truck. Karthik asks Mounitha for her phone but she doesn’t give it.

Karthik understands Mounitha is lying and tries to go inside to see who is in the house. Siva Latha packs Anand’s bag. She asks Anandrao and Hima to take Anand away and says she will tell to Mounitha. Anandrao and Hima take Anand away in their car. Karthik doesn’t find anyone in the house. Mounitha seeing this questions Karthik asking if his doubts are cleared. Karthik asks where is Anand. Mounitha makes up a reason and diverts Karthik. Karthik leaves from there.

Siva asks Mounitha who told her that he got hit by a truck. Mounitha slaps Siva and asks him why didn’t he come 5 min late. Mounitha gets angry.

Hima and Anandrao talk about Anand and Sourya. Anandrao says to Hima there is no need to worry about Anand and says he and Soundarya will take care of him. Hima and Anandrao feel that Mounitha doesn’t take proper care of Anand seeing Siva Latha’s behaviour and they talk about it.

Mounitha calls Siva Latha and asks if Anandrao and Hima got suspicious as she asked them to go from the back door. Siva Latha says they didn’t get suspicious as they only want Anand and says she asked them to take their grandson away. Mounitha asks Siva Latha when did she say that Anand is their grandson. Siva Latha says there is no need for her to say as she understood after watching her with them. Siva Latha says she saw Karthik coming that’s why she sent them from the back door. Mounitha asks Siva Latha to not say anything to anyone about this. Siva Latha agrees.

Sourya gets suspicious of Indrudu and Chandramma’s behavior. Indrudu and Chandramma say to Sourya that they are going to start a departmental store. Sourya asks Indrudu then what about searching for her parents. Chandramma says we already said we will search for them by going by bus. Sourya asks Indrudu on why did he sell the auto. Indrudu says the doctor told him to sell it that’s why. Sourya says to them they have changed a lot.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik and Deepa to stop Diya from getting blown off by the wind. Karthik catches Deepa when she slips on the stairs of the temple.

Mounitha warns Deepa that Karthik should be only hers if not no one else’s. Deepa asks Mounitha what does she wants to say. Mounitha says one of them will die.