Karthika Deepam 12th December 2020 Written Update: Deepa feels restless after knowing Karthik decision

Karthika Deepam 12th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Soundarya and Anand Rao feels confused with Karthik words. Karthik promises Hima to take her to Deepa house, which makes her happy. Later Aditya thinks about his Brother behaviour. Aditya and Shravya feels their is some plan behind Karthik decision to send Hima to Vantalakka place. Shravya says true, something gonna happen for sure because he is using poetry for many times which once causes problems between your brother and my sister. Aditya says they can fight for Hima if anything happens and he ask Shravya to sleep.

Soundarya informs Karthik decision to Deepa which shocks her. Sourya asks why she looks worried. Deepa says Tomorrow Karthik is bringing Hima to our place. Sourya feels happy and asks why she is worried for this news. Deepa says she is not understanding his sudden change. Sourya asks what happened suddenly. Deepa says he is bringing Hima here to learn Poetry from me and she asks Sourya to sleep and thinks what happened.

Bhagyalakshmi cleans house than she notices LIC policy and questions Murali Krishna why he kept Deepa as nominee for 50lakhs bond leaving her and warns him to change it to her name. Murali Krishna agrees with her.

Next day Soundarya gives coffee to her husband. Anand Rao asks why she looks sad. Soundarya ask him to stop Karthik taking Hima to Deepa house. Anand Rao says let’s Hima enjoy at Deepa place. Soundarya says Mounitha is involving in our matters and we don’t know what new doubts she injected in his brain so I’m worried. Anand Rao asks her to relax and request her to become like old Soundarya. Anand Rao thinks he too worried.

Sourya calls Varanasi than she asks why her Mom is looking sad. Deepa says she is worried with Karthik decision and prays god. Sourya asks Varanasi to get things from Kirana shop for Hima. Varanasi asks how Doctor babu agreed for it. Sourya sends him to get things quickly.

Mounitha prays God to break Karthik and Deepa relationship completely.

Karthik Family members worried for Karthik decision to take Hima to Deepa ace. Karthik brings Hima downstairs with her luggage. Karthik says don’t look worried I’m sending her to learn Poetry not sending her to jungle or hostel. Anand Rao asks why he never thinks to inform elders before taking decisions.

Precap – Sourya asks what happens if Doctor babu knows she is your daughter. Deepa says he might leave her here forever. Karthik brings Hima to Deepa place and asks her to teach poetry to Hima.