Karthika Deepam 12th November 2022 Written Update: Karthik leaves Mounitha and lights Diya with Deepa

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The episode starts with Sourya questioning Indrudu on why did he sell the auto. Indrudu says the doctor told him to do that. Sourya asks Indrudu how can they look for their parents without the auto. Chandramma says they can look for them on the bus. Sourya says they have changed a lot and says this change is only after the puberty function. Sourya leaves from there. Indrudu and Chandramma talk about Sourya suspecting them. Indrudu feels guilty about it. Chandramma asks Indrudu not to feel guilty about it.

Karthik and Mounitha reach the temple. Mounitha asks Karthik to stay beside her and says they have to light the Diya together. Karthik leaves Mounitha. Mounitha asks Siva Latha where did Karthik went? Siva Latha says Karthik went that way. Mounitha goes looking for Karthik.

Mounitha asks Karthik where did he go? Karthik says he is looking around the temple. Mounitha says he can also look around the temple with her. Mounitha asks Karthik why did he leave her as they have to light the Diya together. Karthik says there is no need for that and shows to Mounitha only ladies came to the temple and says this is a ladies ritual and asks Mounitha to do it alone. Mounitha says she wants to do it alone
Karthik asks Mounitha to take his kerchief and feels like she is doing it with him. Siva Latha laughs seeing this. Karthik leaves from there.

Karthik comes and helps Deepa in lighting the Diya. Mounitha sees this and goes to argue with them but Siva Latha stops Mounitha saying it will not look good arguing in the temple. Mounitha says she doesn’t care. When Deepa slips on the stairs Karthik catches Deepa. They have a romantic moment. Mounitha seeing this comments on it. Siva Latha requests Mounitha not to argue in the temple.

Mounitha says Deepa is manipulating Karthik. Siva Latha feels pity for Mounitha. Mounitha decides to do something to Deepa. Siva Latha asks Mounitha to pray to God. Siva Latha asks Mounitha to leave Karthika Deepam in the water then her husband will come to her. Siva Latha convinces Mounitha to light the Diya first.

Deepa asks Karthik to light Karthika Deepam and says she will leave it in the river. Deepa takes Karthika Deepam along with the rest of the married women.

Mounitha comes and says to Deepa that Karthik will not be hers. Deepa says to Mounitha that karthik is the one who lit the Karthika Deepam. Deepa says even if Mounitha is in the temple Karthik lit the Diya with her and says this is destiny. Deepa asks what can she do. Mounitha says she will do anything to get what she wants. Deep asks Mounitha what is she talking about? Mounitha says Deepa made a mistake by trying to get close to Karthik. Karthik says he also made a mistake as he got close to Deepa.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik to stop Mounitha from pushing Deepa from behind. Karthik takes Mounitha to a side and asks Mounitha if she wants to kill Deepa. Mounitha says yes and says she will not allow anyone to come in between them. Karthik asks Mounitha what is she talking about? Mounitha asks Karthik to take an oath on the sacred fire that he will not meet Deepa again or talk to her again.