Karthika Deepam 12th October 2020 Written Update: Mounitha and Deepa verbal battle

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The episode starts with Karthik asks Malathi to bring Tiffin but Deepa gets the Tiffin saying Malathi went to bring Dosakaya. Karthik says maybe you sent her intentionally. Deepa says she sent for Hima goodness unlike him. Karthik says even you’re mocking me and your team leader is my mom.

Deepa says they are here and shows Soundarya, Shravya, Aditya. He asks where is Hima. Sourya brings Hima. Karthik says you guys don’t care about my daughter, Sourya is bringing her. Sourya about to take her beside Karthik but Hima sits on another side. Sourya asks Deepa to have food with them.

Deepa denies but Hima and others asks her to sit than she sits beside Karthik. Malathi comes home. Karthik asks did you get the Dosakaya. Malathi nods and goes. Soundarya calls Malathi to get Ghee but Mounitha brings the Ghee and Kartik asks when she came. Mounitha says just now.

Karthik asks Mounitha to sir with them. Mounitha says to Hima that everyone came to earth like unknown but they will become family with time. Karthik says your philosophy is good. Hima says I didn’t like it. Mounitha says it’s fact but youre unable to understand it, your Dad loves you more than anyone here because he used to say he have only one in this world that’s you and you have to think same.

Karthik sees fork with Deepa and thinks she may punch Mounitha. Mounitha says I have noone in this world except my uncle, I didn’t felt sad like ,I became Doctor to make him proud, if I droned in sadness than I can’t become doctor , I may become like Deepa who serves food near stalls. Karthik takes forks from Deepa.

Sourya angrily stops her saying my mom is working for us not going to someone’s house like you , don’t dare to talk like this about my Mom,it hurts me and leave from that place. Malathi takes Ghee from her saying she is getting the salary for her work.

Karthik drinks Coffee. Mounitha says this coffee made by Deepa even though Malathi brings it to you. Karthik places it aside. Mounitha says Deepa is trying to stay here perminantly using Hima condition. Deepa asks what’s your Problem in it? I feel like you got chance to blame me. Mounitha says you’re using Hima condition.

Deepa says who are you? Mounitha asks who.are you. Deepa says I’m Karthiks wife, I’m asking who are you. Karthik asks them to stop but Deepa and Mounitha battles with their words mocking eachother. Mounitha asks Karthik to stop Deepa. Karthik says you guys won’t stop. Deepa says this is between wife and husband so Asks Mounitha to leave. Mounitha says she won’t leave and God must come down to send me from here.

Anji reaches to home. Bhagyalakshmi reaches to Shravya place and thinks Anji as some officer. Anji tries to help her but Bhagyalakshmi talks with him in English thinking he is officer. Anji says he is driver and goes inside with fruits basket. Mounitha gets tensed seeing Anji and hides from him.

Bhagyalakshmi says Namaste to Soundarya. Soundarya and Aditya asks where she get all these jewellery. Bhagyalakshmi says she bough it with their savings. Bhagyalakshmi asks Anji to place fruits in the dining table. Mounitha comes out from back door and escapes from that place.

Bhagyalakshmi says I came here to wish Shravya for her birthday. Soundarya smiles. Bhagyalakshmi wishes her and gifts gold chain. Shravya likes it. Soundarya says everything from mother will be good. Bhagyalakshmi asks how are you Karthik. He says ok. Than Bhagyalakshmi surprised seeding Deepa and praises their jodi and says glad they are united.

Bhagyalakshmi asks Deepa to take care of Karthik and says your Dad will be happy if he knows about this news. Karthik says Shravya than Shravya takes Bhagyalakshmi inside. Karthik leaves from that place.

Precap – Hima asks for her parents. Karthik promises her to bring her Parents. Hima gets shocked seeing Deepa marriage pic with Karthik in the news paper.