Karthika Deepam 14th January 2021 Written Update: Karthik confronts Deepa for locking Mounitha in her place

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Episode starts with Venkatesh takes Deepa to Mounitha place and she asks him to come after 1hour gap. Karthik thinks to meet Mounitha to know the matter. AnandRao asks Soundarya to come to have Tiffin. Soundarya asks them to have it and says Karthik is going far from us even though we try to unite with him. AnandRao says it’s his view problem, we can’t change it and he asks Aditya what he told to Karthik. Aditya says I asked him to get Hima to home or forget her completely. Soundarya asks how can he say in that harsh way. Aditya leaves saying he is in this way.

Sourya tells to Hima about how she first saw them at Balabadrapuram. Hima gets tears and says you guys already beared so many problems and I don’t go near Dad until he accepts you guys. Sourya smiles saying don’t be like Mom otherwise we can’t reunite even after we become big. Varanasi asks them for cover so he can get them veggies. Hima asks if he have money. Varanasi Says Deepa gave him. Hima and Sourya thinks where their Mom gone too.

Venkatesh drops Deepa at Mounitha place and he about to lock door but Karthik caughts him and questions why is he locking the home. Venkatesh feels tensed and reveals that Deepa went inside. Karthik questions him whats happening. Venkatesh reveals what’s happening. Karthik takes keys and asks Venkatesh to leave.

Deepa asks Mounitha to tell how she make Karthik agree to marry her. Karthik enters saying I will tell you. Mounitha, Priyamani feels happy seeing him. Karthik asks Mounitha to come with him. Everyone goes to hall. Priyamani asks Karthik to take Deepa with him saying she is torturing them feeding spicy rice.
Deepa slaps her saying why she is lying.

Karthik asks what’s all this? Deepa says in one way everything will be fine but you ruined it. Karthik asks what’s happening to her, why she complained to police against her. Mounitha gets shocked. Karthik asks what’s that complaint. Deepa says Mounitha knows what’s my complaint. Mounitha says she don’t know. Karthik asks why she is becoming rowdy. Deepa says I become Rakshasi too because if Mounitha we are separated. Karthik says Mounitha is innocent.

Deepa says you’re fool to believe Mounitha and you don’t know anything about her and tell me why you told that you will marry Mounitha to Mom in law. Mounitha feels happy knowing it. Karthik says it’s his decision. Karthik says you didnt divorced me than how can you marry her. Karthik says he will give her immediately. Deepa says than come I will make Mounitha get arrested. Karthik asks Deepa to leave without testing his patience.

Deepa says you ruined my respect in function along with Mounitha, if you do anything than its right if I do it than its wrong? Mr Karthik I decided to prove my innocence that’s why I complained against Mounitha. Mounitha feels scared. Deepa says very soon I will reveal Mounitha dark side Infront of you, she hugs Karthik and asks him to trust her and leaves from that place. Karthik looks on.

Soundarya reaches to Deepa place and notices kids are having their food with pickle and feels bad for their state.

Precap – Deepa meets Anji and asks why she called her. Deepa asks what’s your place and who are you 10years back. Mounitha acts Infront of Karthik.