Karthika Deepam 14th January 2023 Written Update: Mounitha saves Deepa

Karthika Deepam 14th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Deepa asking Karthik why did he call her? Karthik reminds Deepa that he needs to stay away from the fire. Deepa says Soundarya and the children insisted that she does the cooking and says how can she say no to them. Hema Chandra says she should tell the truth to them. Deepa says no and says she wants to see them happy before she dies. Hema Chandra tries to convince Karthik and Deepa to tell the truth to Soundarya and the children. Karthik also tries to convince Deepa to tell them the truth. Deepa doesn’t agree at first and asks Karthik if there is any way for her to survive. Karthik stays silent. Deep says if there is a way then she will tell Soundarya and the children about her health condition. Sourya calls Deepa and Karthik to come quickly.

Soundarya and the children insist Karthik and Deepa to light up the Bhogi fire. Karthik hesitates at first but later lights up the Bhogi fire with Deepa. All the family members celebrate the Bhogi fire. Mounitha pours water on the Bhogi fire and ruins their celebration. Mounitha comes and argues with Karthik and Deepa. Mounitha blames Deepa and says she should be in Deepa’s place instead of Deepa. Deepa decides to kill Mounitha. Karthik and Soundarya ask Deepa to leave Mounitha. Mounitha argues for a while and leaves from there. Karthik feels relieved as Mounitha stopped the Bhogi fire and Deepa will be safe because of it.

Hema Chandra and Karthik talk about Mounitha. Hema Chandra if Mounitha didn’t stop the Bhogi then they might have taken Deepa to the hospital because of it. Hema Chandra says Mounitha saved Deepa unintentionally. Mounitha calls Karthik to a side. Karthik goes to Mounitha. Karthik asks Mounitha why did she call him here? Mounitha says she thought he would have said thanks for want she did. Karthik asks Mounitha why should he say thanks? Mounitha reminds Karthik of what she did to save Deepa. Mounitha tries to convince Karthik to agree to her deal and says to Karthik that if he says yes then she is ready to give away her heart right now. Karthik still doesn’t believe her and leaves from there.

Soundarya asks Deepa how did Mounitha find them? Soundarya asks Deepa for the reason to stay away from them for this long. But Deepa stays silent on this matter and doesn’t say anything. Sourya comes and says to Soundarya that they should do something about Mounitha. Deepa says she will take care of Mounitha and she will not create any nuisance anymore. Hima asks Soundarya if she knows where Anand is? Soundarya reminds Hima of what Mounitha did. Deepa after hearing about Mounitha decides to kill Mounitha soon.

Hema Chandra asks Karthik what did Mounitha say? Karthik says to Hema Chandra what Mounitha said to him, Mounitha is ready to give away her heart to save Deepa. Mounitha thinks she will be close to him if she does that. Karthik says she is telling all these lies. Hema Chandra after hearing what Mounitha said reminds Karthik that Mounitha killed someone and went to jail for him. So Mounitha might be really capable of doing this. Karthik says even if Mounitha is ready to give away her heart. Deepa will not agree to it and says he is a doctor. Karthik says he doesn’t want to save Deepa by taking other people’s lives. Hem Chandra comments on Mounitha. Hema Chandra asks Karthik to think about it.

Episode ends.