Karthika Deepam 15th November 2022 Written Update: Mounitha lies about Anand

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The episode starts with Mounitha having doubts about Karthik’s behaviour. Karthik gets a call from someone and he asks when is the time and says he will come in the evening. Mounitha hearing the phone call thinks if he is talking to someone from his past. Karthik comes and asks where is Anand? Mounitha says she sent Anand away as he doesn’t have time for Anand. Karthik asks where did he send Anand? Mounitha says she sent Anand with her friend and says she will bring Anand back when they are close together. Mounitha leaves from there. Karthik thinks he has to be careful as Mounitha might suspect that he recalled his past with the previous incident.

Deepa gives coffee to Durga and asks if he noticed any change in Karthik’s behaviour. Durga says he has changed a lot and says he is completely against Mounitha now. Deepa asks if he suspects that Karthik recalled his past. Durga says no and says this is not a small matter and says if Karthik recalled his memory then Karthik would have given left and right to Mounitha and taken Deepa to Hyderabad. Deepa agrees and asks why is Karthik showing concern as he used to in the past. Durga says it might be because he hates Mounitha.

Soundarya returns home. Soundarya sees Anand and recalls about Mounitha. Soundarya says no matter how Mounitha gave birth to Anand he is Karthik’s child. Anandrao agrees. Hima says she is having a lot of fun with Anand. Hima is about to talk to Soundarya about Sourya but Anandrao stops Hima and asks Soundarya to take a rest as she came from a long journey.

Deepa and Durga talk about Mounitha and Vaani. Deepa says she will not leave Mounitha as she tried to burn her alive using Vaani. Karthik comes and asks Deepa what was she talking about? Durga gets a call from someone and goes to take it. Deepa says to Karthik how Mounitha tried to kill Deepa using Vaani. Deepa says Vaani tried to burn her alive and says she is only alive because Durga changed Petrol with water. Deepa feels sad about her own situation. Deepa asks Karthik if he didn’t think about why Mounitha is trying to kill her these many times. Deepa asks Karthik to think about it. Karthik goes away from there.

Anandrao says to Soundarya what they encountered in Mounitha’s house and with Sourya. Soundarya says she is already suspicious of Mounitha and says she will go and find out what is the truth? Anandrao agrees.

Karthik comes and questions Mounitha on why did she send Vaani to kill Deepa. Mounitha denies it at first but later admits that she is the one who sent Vaani to kill Deepa. Mounitha says she will not allow anyone to come in between them. Mounitha questions Karthik on his behaviour in the temple. Karthik thinks Mounitha is suspicious of him. Karthik answers Mounitha that he never wanted anyone to point fingers at her that’s why he stopped Mounitha from killing Deepa. He says he also knows that she was only scaring him to take her life. Karthik asks Mounitha if she is really his wife. Mounitha says she is his wife.

Episode ends

Precap – Mounitha to ask Soundarya why did she come here? Soundarya says to Mounitha they will talk in her home and asks Mounitha to come. Mounitha thinks of how to stop Soundarya from going to her home.

Deepa waits for Mounitha in her home along with Karthik. Soundarya follows Mounitha. Mounitha thinks of why Soundarya is following her. Soundarya decides to find out what is Mounitha hiding.