Karthika Deepam 18th January 2021 Written Update: Karthik gets shocked with Hima decision

Karthika Deepam 18th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Anji thinks Mounitha may manipulate Karthik so he decides to reveal truth to Deepa. Deepa goes in fastly when she didn’t get water to wash bowls, she gets hurt by table, at that time she sees her mangalsutra and cries saying her hope and love didn’t died and still believes that her Mangalya balam will unite them.

Next morning Deepa notices still water is not coming and she calls Sarojini Akka to know when water will come. Sarojini says water won’t come till noon and she asks Hima to come near public tap. Deepa says she can’t fight with Ramanamma and batch. Sarojini asks her to bring Sourya with her because she can answer to Ramanamma batch. Deepa agrees.

Soundarya asks if Karthik needs coffee. Karthik says no. Soundarya asks where he is going in the early morning. Karthik says he is going for morning walk. Soundarya says don’t increase hate on us to reduce love on Hima. Karthik says he hates himself. Soundarya asks him to support Deepa to get truths out. Karthik says stop it Mom, how can she prove after 10years, he leaves saying he won’t believe her.

Mounitha about to goes out than Priyamani asks where is she going. Mounitha says to meet divorce lawyer Sujata to separate Deepa and Karthik plus I’m going to talk with her about my case too. Priyamani says ok. Mounitha thinks to prove relationship between Vihari and Deepa with Lawyer help.

Deepa and her kids takes water to home. Karthik sees Hima and Sourya from his car and feels bad. Deepa asks Hima to don’t do it but Hima says she can do it and tries to walk Fastly but she fell down which makes everyone gets shocked.

Karthik comes out from his car and asks if she is hurt? He hugs Hima than he slaps Deepa. Hima and Sourya hugs Deepa. Karthik questions why she is hurting his daughter with work because of her self respect? It’s not mother’s love because you’re torturing my kid and he raises his hand again than Hima and Sourya shouts Dad. Karthik takes back his hand. Hima questions why you slapped my Mom?

You don’t know she denied to take me but I went with them without listening to them and they works daily but I helped them today only why can’t you take us back to home to end these struggles. Sourya asks Deepa to send Hima saying Doctor babu won’t believe your love. Hima says he won’t go anywhere leaving them. Karthik says Hima. Hima says yes Dad, I love you but I won’t return without Mom. Karthik gets shocked and leaves from that place.

Mounitha thanks Sujatha and offers Sujatha more fees. Sujatha promises to unite her with Karthik using her Law degree. Mounitha feels happy and leaves. Karthik goes near hill area and thinks about Hima words, I raised you with so much love Hima but they become important to you more than me.

Precap – Anji reveals to Deepa that he is the one who killed Hima because of Mounitha. Deepa slaps him for killing a person for money.