Karthika Deepam 19th January 2023 Written Update: Deepa humiliates Mounitha

Karthika Deepam 19th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Hima deciding to talk to Karthik about Deepa’s health. Hima asks the auto to stop at the temple. Hima gets down at the temple. Karthik asks Deepa if she told the Pujari about their situation. Deepa says yes. Deepa has a slight burning sensation in her heart and says to Karthik about it. Karthik says to Deepa they should go to the hospital.

Deepa says to Karthik there is no need. Karthik goes to get Sourya. Deepa loses her breath and becomes unconscious. Hima sees Deepa unconscious and recalls what Mounitha said. Karthik and Sourya see Deepa unconscious. Karthik asks Hima to bring water. Hima brings a water bottle to Karthik. Karthik sprinkles water on Deepa and gives her a tablet. Deepa regains her consciousness. Sourya asks Karthik what happened to Deepa? Deepa say she is just tired. Sourya asks Deepa then why did she have tablet. Karthik says these are for strength. Hima asks Sourya to take Deepa.

Hima takes Karthik to a side and asks Karthik to promise her. Karthik asks Hima about what? Hima says it is about Deepa’s health. Karthik asks Hima what about Deepa’s health ? Hima says Mounitha told her everything. Hima asks Karthik to promise her that he will do as Mounitha tells him to do. Karthik thinks Mounitha is now using Hima as a pawn. Hima asks Karthik if he really doesn’t want Deepa to live. Karthik asks Hima how can she think like that? Hima says Mounitha told her. Karthik says he will explain Mounitha’s intentions later and asks her to come. Hima agrees.

Deepa thinks her time is coming to an end and she has change Karthik’s mind as quickly as possible. Soundarya comes to talk to Deepa. Deepa asks Soundarya how is Anandrao? Soundarya says Anandrao will be discharged from the hospital after a week. Deepa thinks she will not live that long and comments on it. Sourya comes and overhears Deepa talking. Sourya asks Deepa about what is she talking about? Deepa says there is nothing. Sourya still thinks there is something and asks Soundarya to tell her.

Deepa still says there is nothing and takes her from there. Hima comes and asks Soundarya about Deepa’s health. Hima says to Soundarya she knows Deepa is going to die and Mounitha told her everything. Hima says she also knows Karthik can save her. Soundarya says they wouldn’t be like this if Karthik can save her. Hima asks Soundarya to convince Karthik to do as Mounitha says to save Deepa. Soundarya asks Hima not to care about Mounitha. Hima comments on it. Soundarya thinks Mounitha is planting evil thoughts in her mind. Soundarya goes to talk to Karthik about it.

Soundarya and Karthik talk about Mounitha planting evil thoughts in Hima’s mind and using her as a pawn. Hima comes and asks Karthik to agree to Mounitha’s request. Soundarya and Karthik try to explain to Hima but she doesn’t listen and thinks Karthik doesn’t want Deepa to be alive so he is doing this and leaves from there. Deepa overhears them talking. She comes to Karthik and comments on Mounitha. Deepa says she will teach Mounitha a lesson and leaves from there.

Mounitha wakes up and sees that her bed and herself are in the middle of the street. A crowd forms around Mounitha. Mounitha thinks why is she here? Deepa says she brought her here as Mounitha always thinks how to bring other people in the street. Mounitha shouts at Deepa as she is humiliating her. Deepa asks Mounitha if she is really going to give her heart sarcastically. Mounitha argues with Deepa.

Varanasi also says what might be Mounitha’s plan and says they should never trust Mounitha. Mounitha tries to go to Varanasi but Deepa stops her. Deepa tells the crowd on how Mounitha is after her husband for 12 years. The crowd asks Mounitha if she doesn’t have any shame to do this. Mounitha asks Deepa why can’t she die peacefully and do all this. Deepa says she will die but she doesn’t want Mounitha’s shadow to fall on Karthik. Deepa warns Mounitha to stay away from her husband. Mounitha still doesn’t heed her warning and says she will do anything to get Karthik.

Episode ends.