Karthika Deepam 19th July 2021 Written Update : Anandrao gets shocked after finding Karthik and Mounitha’s marriage news

Karthika Deepam 19th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik reaches to home. Deepa goes to him and asks how’s Mounitha’s drama. Karthik asks how she knows. Deepa says she called you to get evidence otherwise she can never call you. Karthik says true, she arranged everything and informs her about how Bharati and Roshini reached that place along with him and tells her he never expected thie type of drama. Deepa says we have to find her pregnancy is drama than only our lives get settled and she goes to meet Sarojini Akka.

Next day Aditya thinks about his Dad’s questions. Shravya gives him tea and asks where Anandrao went in the morning. Aditya says he went to meet his friends son and he felt suspicious seeing everyone’s behaviour and asked me if we are hiding anything but I didn’t told him anything. Shravya says good because father in law can’t bear this news because of his health condition.

Karthik worriedly thinks his Dad may find the matter if Roshini arrests him. Anandrao reaches to Deepa’s place questions Karthik why they are staying in different places. Karthik tells him it’s temporary and wants to start the hospital here that’s why I’m.stsyimg here. Anandrao says his state is raising doubts in him. Karthik says their is nothing.

Anandrao asks where is Deepa and kids. Karthik says they went to market. Anandrao gives sweets to Karthik and asks him to give them to kids than he says Soundarya and Swapna also not talking with him properly staying they are busy and questions if they are hiding anything from him. Karthik says he is overthinking than Anandrao leaves to meet his friends son.

Deepa tells to Bhagyalakshmi that 25th is nearing so we need to eliminate her problem and she shares her plan. Bhagyalakshmi praises her idea. Anandrao reaches to register office and meets his friends son where he gets shocked after finding Mounitha and Karthik going to marry on 25th and he thinks how can Karthik marry Mounitha by cheating his wife and kids.

Deepa reaches to Roshini place and thinks to reveal her doubts on Mounitha. Roshini asks what’s the purpose of her visit. Deepa says she wants to talk with her about Mounitha. Roshini asks Deepa to answer her questions about Karthik. Deepa agrees. Roshini says Priyamani told me that your husband tried to marry Mounitha twice, is it true. Deepa says it’s true and Karthik didn’t liked whenever My Mom in law tried to unite us that’s why he used to threaten us by saying that he will marry Mounitha.

Roshini asks what about Mounitha’s pregnancy? Deepa says I know about his character that’s why I waited for him 10years and Mounitha’s is hiding something from Everyone and Karthik didn’t even remember that night and he is denying to marry Mounitha because he knows that Mounitha is planning something and Karthik touched my feet when he realised that his suspicions on me are false and he never run back from his mistake.

Roshini says your husband is male too and he may did mistake too by crossing the line in weak moment. Deepa says if it’s true than she is ready to accept her punishment to Karthik but Mounitha is drawing the line and she tells to Roshini about Anji and how Mounitha made him kill Hima and she says truths will comeout if they bring Anji.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anandrao scolds Karthik Infront of Deepa and questions why he wants to marry Mounitha.