Karthika Deepam 19th September 2022 Written Update: Deepa steals from Mounitha’s house

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The episode starts with Karthik calling Siva. Siva comments on Karthik and says he forgets everyone’s name. But he doesn’t forget Deepa’s name. Karthik also agrees and says he doesn’t know why. Deepa eavesdrops on them and feels happy hearing it. Siva requests Karthik and says he has a habit of drinking alcohol, as madam is not here he asks Karthik if he can drink alcohol today. Karthik also asks Siva to bring some alcohol for him. Siva asks Karthik if he really has the habit of drinking alcohol. Karthik says he doesn’t recall and we will only know if we try. Deepa sees this and thinks this is the right chance to get close to Karthik. Karthik gives him some money to bring alcohol.

Soundarya gets suspicious of Mounitha’s behavior. She shares her suspicion with Anandrao. Anandrao asks Soundarya what is she going to do? Soundarya decides that she will go to Mangalore to check what is going on. Anandrao asks is it necessary? Soundarya says to Anandrao that whatever Mounitha does it will be connected with our son so it’s better to know what she is doing.

Deepa sees Siva is taking a bottle. Deepa calls Siva. Siva hesitates at first to talk to Deepa but after that, he goes to talk to Deepa. Siva asks Deepa what is it. Deepa asks he is only taking alcohol and asks if he doesn’t want any side dishes. She shows the chicken pakodi that she is preparing. Siva feels happy and asks her to bring it.

Sourya asks Varanasi who sent him here? Varanasi says no one sent him here. Sourya says to Varanasi that she knows Anandrao sent him here. Sourya asks Varanasi to leave from here. Varanasi says he will not share any news with Anandrao. Sourya gets convinced after some time.

Siva and Karthik talk about alcohol. Karthik asks Siva why didn’t he bring any side dish. Siva says Deepa is going to bring the side dish. Deepa comes with chicken pakodi. Karthik greets Deepa and thanks her for bringing the side dish. Karthik asks Deepa to bring it in a plate. Deepa goes to the kitchen. Siva feels pity for Deepa seeing her and decides to ask what is her story? Siva goes to the kitchen but he couldn’t ask Deepa as Karthik calls him. Siva goes to talk to Karthik. Karthik asks where did he go without giving him company. Siva says he went to the kitchen. Siva gets a call from home. Siva asks Deepa to give company to Karthik. Siva leaves.

Karthik asks Deepa to talk as he is feeling bored. Deepa says she is going to tell about her doctor Babu and shares the incident in which she drinks with Karthik once. Karthik hearing this laughs at Deepa saying that it is really funny. Karthik goes to sleep as he drank a lot on the chair. Deepa feels sad as he couldn’t recall anything. Siva comes and sees that Karthik is sleeping. Siva asks Deepa for help to put Karthik in bed. Deepa helps Siva to puts Karthik in bed. After Siva leaves the bedroom. Deepa searches the cupboard and steals Karthik’s medical file.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa will serve coffee to Karthik. Mounitha pushes away the coffee. Deepa sees that Mounitha came back with her child. Karthik asks Mounitha who is the child? Deepa asks Karthik to hold the child and says then the child will stop crying. Karthik takes the child from Mounitha hearing this. Anand stops crying just like Deepa said after coming to Karthik. Karthik asks Deepa how did she know? Deepa asks Karthik if he recalls anything after holding the child. Mounitha thinks to herself if she made a mistake bringing the child here.