Karthika Deepam 1st December 2022 Written Update: Karthik warns Samba Siva Rao

Karthika Deepam 1st December 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karthik saying to the doctor that he will ask Deepa not to worry. The doctor asks Karthik to solve the problem if it is possible that Deepa is worrying about. Karthik thinks if it can be solved Deepa wouldn’t be like this. Karthik asks Doctor for a favour and asks the doctor to hide from Deepa that he is the one who is doing the surgery. The doctor doesn’t agree at first but later agrees after some convincing.

Soundarya asks Mounitha to stay in this room. Mounitha pleads with Soundarya to allow her to go. Soundarya questions Mounitha on what is the work i.e. so much important and why did she hit her on the head. Mounitha doesn’t answer Soundarya’s questions. Soundarya says to Mounitha she will not allow her to leave until she has answers for her questions. Soundarya locks Mounitha in the room and leaves from there. Mounitha thinks of Karthik and Deepa and what is their situation.

Deepa regains consciousness and asks Karthik if he enquired whose phone no that is. Karthik says he will enquire soon. Deepa asks Karthik if he found Sourya. Karthik says he couldn’t go leaving her like this. Deepa doesn’t listen to Karthik and tries to go look for Sourya. Karthik stops Deepa and says first health is more important than anything else. Deepa questions Karthik on what does she mean to him that he is taking care of her this much? Karthik asks Deepa if he was in her position would she have taken care of him. Deepa says yes and says it is because he is her husband and she would have taken care of him completely. Deepa reminds Karthik but he is thinking of Mounitha as his wife. Karthik doesn’t answer Deepa’s question and requests Deepa for a favour. Karthik asks Deepa to not worry about anything until the operation.

Chandramma questions Indrudu on what he is thinking about? Indrudu says he is thinking about returning Sourya to their parents. Chandramma gets angry at Indrudu and questions him on how much money did he sell Sourya. Indrudu gets angry at Chandramma thinking that he will sell Sourya for money. Indrudu says he saw how much Deepa is suffering and says he saw Deepa fallen on the roadside unconscious looking for Sourya. Chandramma hearing this says to Sourya let’s give away Sourya and says she just wants to see Indrudu happy. Indrudu agrees and hugs Chandramma.

Karthik comes to Samba Siva Rao and questions him about his phone no on the poster. Samba Siva Rao says to Karthik the phone no is his but he doesn’t know how his phone no got on the poster. Karthik warns Samba Siva Rao that if Indrudu got caught and if they knew he is helping Indrudu then he will also go to jail. Samba Siva Rao thinks it is better to tell about Indrudu. But later thinks Indrudu will kill him if he said anything about him and doesn’t say anything to Karthik.

Deepa shows the poster to the people in the hospital and asks them if they saw Sourya anywhere. But she doesn’t get a positive reply from any of them. Deepa slips and is about to fall. Karthik comes and catches Deepa. Karthik reminds Deepa again that she should not come out of the room until the operation is completed.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa questions Karthik on why is he here and not looking for Sourya. Deepa says she made a mistake giving him the responsibility of searching for Sourya. Deepa says she will go and look for Sourya. Deepa is about to get up from the bed. The doctor stops Deepa and asks Deepa if she knew why is Karthik here? Deepa asks the doctor why and asks if he did the operation on her? Doctor says yes, Karthik is the one who did operation on her and says it is only because of him that she is alive. Deepa gets stunned hearing this.