Karthika Deepam 20th January 2023 Written Update: Mounitha misleads Hima

Karthika Deepam 20th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mounitha saying to Karthik she will not leave Karthik. Mounitha asks Deepa why is she not thinking of dying peacefully and thinking of all these things. Deepa says she will not allow even her shadow to fall on Karthik. Mounitha comments on it. Deepa indirectly hints that she is going to do second marriage to Karthik. Mounitha reminds Deepa of what she did for her and says she will never allow Karthik to marry another woman. Deepa say she will see and leaves from there. Mounitha decides to not leave a peace of mind to Deepa before she dies as she humiliated her.

Soundarya thinks of how to save Deepa. Bhagya Lakshmi comes and asks Soundarya how is Anandrao? Bhagya Lakshmi calls for Deepa. Soundarya asks Bhagya Lakshmi to sit down. Bhagya Lakshmi calls for Deepa. Deepa comes and asks Bhagya Lakshmi why did she come here? Bhagya Lakshmi says she came here casually. Sourya searches for Hima in the house. Bhagya Lakshmi says Hima went outside. Soundarya asks how does she know? Bhagya Lakshmi says Hima took her phone and noted down an address and left the house. Deepa checks Soundarya and Bhagya Lakshmi’s phone and understands that Hima called Mounitha.

Karthik and Deepa along with the family reaches Mounitha’s house. They see a Tolet board and thinks Mounitha escaped from here. Deepa worries about Mounitha. Karthik comments on it. Mounitha and Hima eavesdrop from inside the house about what Karthik and Deepa are talking about. Mounitha makes Hima believe that Karthik doesn’t want Deepa to live as Karthik doesn’t want to do what she says. Hima tries to go and ask Karthik but Mounitha stops her. Deepa says to Karthik that she wants to know Hima’s whereabouts in an hour. Karthik agrees and leaves from there. Hima asks Mounitha why did she stop her from going to them. Mounitha says they would have killed her if she came out now. Mounitha says to Hima she has to hide until she convinces Karthik to do what she says. Hima agrees.

Soundarya tells Karthik on the phone to do whatever it takes to find Hima and tells to compliant the police if he has to do it. Mounitha calls Deepa and puts a proposal to Deepa. Mounitha asks Deepa to do Karthik’s marriage with her then she will send Hima to their house. Deepa says to Mounitha that she will kill her. Mounitha reminds Deepa that Hima is with her. Mounitha tells Deepa to think about it and cuts the call.

Hima feels guilty as Deepa might be worrying about her and tells to Mounitha about it. Hima says she will go to Deepa. Mounitha convinces Hima that if she leaves now Deepa will die and asks Hima to do exactly as she says. Hima agrees to do anything for Deepa to be alive. Mounitha says if they don’t find her for a day and she goes tomorrow and asks them to do something then they will do it.

Deepa says to Karthik when she knew that Hima is missing she first suspected Mounitha. Karthik consoles Deepa and says Mounitha will not do anything to Hima. While Karthik is talking to Deepa, Sourya overhears them talking. Sourya asks Deepa if Hima is with Mounitha. Sourya asks Karthik if Mounitha is asking for him to marry her? Sourya says Hima always creates problems like this that’s why she doesn’t like her. Deepa says to Sourya that she shouldn’t talk like this and find Hima. Deepa gets a call from Varanasi. Varanasi says to Deepa that her suspicion is right and Mounitha is in her house. Deepa tells Karthik and Soundarya that Mounitha is in her house.

Episode ends.