Karthika Deepam 20th September 2021 Written Update: Mounitha gets punished for 18months of imprisonment

Karthika Deepam 20th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Lawyer says it’s mentioned in report that you’re pregnant than who’s father of baby. Mounitha says Karthik is father of my baby. Karthik sats he is not father of that baby and asks her how she got pregnancy. Lawyer asks Mounitha how she get pregnancy. Mounitha says she got pregnancy with artificial insemination. Lawyer asks judge to notice this point. Karthik says Mounitha didn’t take my permission that’s why I won’t take responsibility of that baby. Lawyer asks why she didn’t take Karthik’s permission. Mounitha says I thought to tell him during our first night. Everyone laughs in court with her answer. Judge warms them.

Mounitha says I’m tired in this journey as I propesed Karthik before his marriage itself but he didn’t take it seriously and married that Deepa but he regularly comes to my place so people pointed my character that’s why I changed my house too. Deepa says why didn’t you stop him from coming to your place? It’s your plan to made everyone feel that you had affair with Karthik which is clear. Karthik says your honour we are just friends but one time i proposed to marry Mounitha to escape from my mom insistance to get reunite with my wife but now I realised my mistake ang get reunited with my wife than Mounitha implemented her pregnancy plan to trap me but I didn’t respond well than she irked me in her fake death case than she threatened me as doctor Reena and blackmailed me to marry her to save my family and finally I’m not father of her baby.

Judge says it’s proved that you wanted to enter Karthik’s life forcefully so do you have anything left to tell the court. Mounitha says yes, I raised like a orphan but Karthik entry changed my life so I thought to marry him but he married Deepa and I begged him to marry me but he denies and I became pregnant to get him and he said he is not father of Deepa babies in the past 11 years but now he accepted them so I feel in future he may accept me and my baby too so I can’t loose the hope and Karthik is father of my baby.

After testimonies it’s noted that their is no realisation of mistake in Mounitha plus her crime is proven in Karthik’s matter so I’m punishing her with 18months of imprisonment and I’m ordering police to enquire about Hima case too. Karthik thanks Lawyer. Roshini takes Mounitha with them by arresting her. Media people questions Mounitha why she is not worried even though she gets punishment. Mounitha says relax, it’s just interval to me not climax. Media asks how’s climax going to be. Mounitha says they can’t expect it and she asks Roshini permission to talk with Deepa but Roshini denies. Mounitha shouts Deepa akka remember that I’m your sister and aunty you have to perform my baby barasala and Anandrao uncle you’re going to have heir of your family and I will be back very soon with my baby so get ready.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik says he lost his life from his hands. Deepa asks Karthik to forget about her. Karthik says she went to jail with pregnancy so I’m scared thinking about the outcome.