Karthika Deepam 21st November 2020 Written Update: Deepa feels speechless with Karthik questions

Karthika Deepam 21st November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Deepa and Sourya feels happy seeing Karthik at their place. Karthik asks Sourya to listen songs in his car. Sourya goes. Karthik asks Deepa to return his home. Deepa says she wants to live in their home not in his home. Karthik says he don’t accept her as wife. Deepa says than she won’t come.

 Karthik asks why she came to his place home previously and why she returned to her Basti. Deepa says she came for Hima but returned to Basti for you so that you can return to home. Karthik says I don’t know how to talk like you but answer my question why Hima changed suddenly? What’s the reason for Hima sudden change. Deepa cries while reminscing how Hima got to know they are her parents and asks why he is asking her many questions?

Your Daughter is back to you, it’s good right. Karthik says he wants to know how it happens. Deepa says everything happened according to your wishes and even I returned to my home but why still you’re blaming me for it? Karthik says I want know the sudden change of Hima. Deepa asks him to know it from Hima. Karthik asks what she told to Hima? Deepa says you’re the one who did mistakes in Hima matter bit I just told her to accept you as her father, is it crime?

Karthik slaps her and says that you guys are killing me using my emotions and you came to my home home as Vantalakka but returned to your place as my wife and you guys are creating many doubts in Hima mind and very soon your secrets will be out than I will teach you guys a lesson.

 Deepa says she is waiting for that moment and asks him to pray God for let it happens. Karthik angrily goes out and asks What’s she doing. Sourya says she is cleaning car because Hima have Dust allergy. Karthik asks why he likes Hima so much. Sourya says why you likes her? Karthik asks her to answer his question. Sourya sats Hima is your daughter so she will be my sister. Karthik gets shocked and asks her to never make her Mom as Hima Mom. Sourya reluctantly signs than Karthik leaves in his car.

Bhagyalakshmi cries and begs Murali Krishna to not return money to police. Bhagyalakshmi says she bought jewellery for Deepa too. Murali Krishna says he will give whole jewellery to Deepa. Bhagyalakshmi stops him. Murali Krishna says I know your sentiment actions, Deepa will never accept this kind of Jewellery and I’m thinking how to arrange remaining money and I will get you arrested if you don’t agree with me. Bhagyalakshmi gets shocked.

Deepa reminsces Karthik words. Sourya asks what happened? Did he scolded you because he looks angry. Deepa just nods her head in tears. Sourya asks what happens if Karthik knows the truth. He have to love her More if he knows Hima is his daughter but why we get scared to reveal the truth. Deepa cries. Karthik thinks about Mounitha words. Hima comes to him. Karthik asks her to call him Daddy again. Hima says Daddy and thinks when their family gets United.

Precap – Karthik says he did 2mistakes in life one is marrying Deepa and another one is I didn’t divorce her so now I have to divorce her.