Karthika Deepam 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Murali Krishna feels overjoyed after knowing Deepa is going to attend Kalyanam with kids

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Episode starts with Karthik says he is unable to understand others and others are not understanding him. Soundarya tells him he is becoming puzzle to them. Karthik says I did what you wanted, still why you see me like culprit. Soundarya says it’s just your illusion. AnandRao says you’re feeling guilty that’s why you’re imagining things. Karthik says don’t know what’s true and he went to guest room. AnandRao stops Soundarya when she about to tell Deepa is in room.

Karthik asks Deepa if she didn’t went to her Dad’s place. Deepa says you denied right. Karthik asks from when she is listening his words. Deepa tells him he is not believing her and questions why he care for her. Karthik asks why to fight over same issue from years, kids needs their mom so mother have to take care of her health for kids, isn’t it. Deepa says true but husband enters to woman life before kids than won’t he care for his wife? Why she have to live for kids? And Why you slapped me to claim your husband right? Won’t I listen if you tell me to normally? You’re living in lie from 10 years. Karthik says leave about these issues, stay happy and take your medicines properly. Deepa asks if he is drunk. Karthik says yes than he asks her to attend Kalyanam with Kids. Deepa feels happy.

Soundarya worriedly thinks what Karthik might doing in the room. Deepa comes out happily and informs to Soundarya that Karthik agreed to sent them to Kalyanam. AnandRao says hope he won’t change his decision. Deepa wants to share this news with her kids. Soundarya asks her to give food to Karthik after sharing this news with kids. Deepa happily arranges food in plate. AnandRao asks what she is thinking. Soundarya says something is fishy with Karthik behaviour. AnandRao says don’t overthink. Soundarya says Karthik is hiding something about Deepa.

Bhagyalakshmi informs to Murali Krishna that Karthik allowed kids and Deepa to attend Kalyanam with everyone. Murali Krishna feels happy. Bhagyalakshmi asks him to have food but he takes her permission to drink 2more pegs.

Deepa goes to Karthik room with Kids and food. Kids thanks their Dad than they request him to have food. Deepa too asks Karthik to have food.Karthik says he don’t want food. Sourya says I’m also like you Dad because I won’t have food when I’m hungry. Karthik takes food and asks if she had medicines. Hima says no. Karthik asks her to take medicines on time for kids and he sends Hima to get medicines. Hima gets the medicines box and they gives medicines to their Mom according to Karthik suggestions. Sourya requests Karthik to attend Kalyanam with them. Deepa thinks he won’t attend with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha calls Karthik and asks him to pick her up. Karthik denies her request telling he is going to Kalyanam with Deepa and he invites Mounitha too for Kalyanam. Deepa feels bad.