Karthika Deepam 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Deepa kills Mounitha

Karthika Deepam 23rd January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Deepa pointing the gun to Mounitha. Deepa asks Mounitha to stay there. Deepa asks Karthik and Soundarya to leave downstairs. Soundarya and Karthik try to convince Deepa to come with them. Deepa asks them to leave with the kids. Karthik and Soundarya make Sourya and Hima get in the car. Soundarya asks Karthik to be careful and leaves with the kid.

Deepa asks Mounitha now what will she do? Mounitha taunts Deepa asking her what will she do? Deepa says the gun doesn’t know who she is and asks Mounitha if she should pull the trigger. Mounitha seeing this asks Deepa not to pull the trigger. Mounitha says she only loves Karthik and all she is doing this is for Karthik. Mounitha reminds Deepa that she once pointed the gun to her but she couldn’t pull the trigger as she has moral values but Mounitha doesn’t have them. Mounitha pleads with Deepa and tries to hit Deepa with a vase. Deepa seeing this pulls the trigger. Mounitha gets shot. Mounitha asks if she knew where she shot? Mounitha says she shot her in her heart and says she didn’t shoot Mounitha but Karthik who is in her heart. Deepa thinks Mounitha is dead. Deepa realizes what she did and feels guilty. Karthik comes and sees Mounitha’s body. Deepa says to Karthik that she took only his name even when she is dying. Karthik recalls his moments with Mounitha and asks Mounitha why did she deceive him half his life. Karthik asks Mounitha if it is his mistake to think of her as a friend. Karthik asks Mounitha what did she get by doing all this. Karthik pities Mounitha as no one will even say they will miss her. Karthik takes Deepa away from there. Karthik makes Deepa sit in the car. Mounitha comes behind them. Karthik leaves in his car. Mounitha says she should die as a great lover. Mounitha says to Karthik in her heart that she will meet him soon.

Hima apologises to Sourya. Sourya asks Soundarya to stop the car. Soundarya asks Sourya if she forgot what she said to Deepa. Sourya says she remembers everything and says she also remembers Hima’s mistake. Sourya says she will go to their parents. Soundarya says they will come to them. Sourya asks Soundarya to swear on Hima and asks Soundarya to tell the truth. Soundarya stays silent. Sourya seeing this comments on Soundarya and says she never tells the truth to her. Sourya says she will go to Karthik and Deepa and leaves from there.

Deepa is not able to breathe properly. Deepa asks Karthik to fulfill her last wish. Karthik sees that Deepa is having trouble breathing and asks Deepa to stay strong. Deepa says she is going to die soon. Karthik says he will die with her if she dies. Deepa asks Karthik to marry another woman after she dies. Deepa asks Karthik to stop the car. Karthik doesn’t listen to Deepa. The time bomb attached to the car is shown to be ticking. Karthik stops the car at Deepa’s request. Deepa gets down from the car. Deepa asks Karthik to fulfill her final wish. Deepa asks Karthik to once again do the ritual of seven steps with her. Karthik agrees. Karthik and Deepa go hand in hand and walk forward. The bomb gets blasted. Karthik says to Deepa that her final wish saved both of them and asks Deepa if she still doesn’t want to live anymore. Deepa hugs Karthik.

Soundarya asks Varanasi if they found traces of Karthik and Deepa. Varanasi says he didn’t find their traces. Varanasi says when he saw the car his heart stopped. Soundarya says if they don’t want to be found there is no use searching for them.

Deepa asks Karthik if he is going to be with their children. Karthik asks Deepa not to talk like this again and he is going to be with her only.
Karthik and Deepa think about their past. Karthik and Deepa recall how they met the first time and how they felt for each other in the past. Deepa feels losing her life. Karthik thinks if there is any hospital nearby. Deepa says she will not go anywhere and asks him to stay here. Karthik encourages Deepa to think of being alive. Karthik tells Deepa how they thought they died in the accident but they came back. Karthik says they will come back.

Episode ends.