Karthika Deepam 24th July 2021 Written Update: Karthik lashes at Mounitha

Karthika Deepam 24th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Govardan goes to Anandrao room to check his condition. Bhagyalakshmi comesout with Shravya and tells to Deepa that Anandrao is talking well. Govardan comesout and asks Karthik why uncle is so angry? We need to perform angiogram and he may need stunt surgery if needed so come with me. Karthik sends Aditya to finish the formalities. Deepa makes Karthik drink the water. Karthik leaves after apologizing to Deepa. Deepa goes behind him.

Deepa asks Karthik what happened. Karthik says it’s result of my sin to doubt you for years. Deepa asks if father in law said anything to me. Karthik says I may bear his scolding but he made me leave from me and did you saw noone is believing me because of my friendship with Mounitha and currently my parents are not believing me and if this truth goes out than this society will avoid me. Deepa says these are temporary and character will prove your innocence.

Karthik says you’re still previous Deepa that’s why you’re seeing good in me. Deepa asks him to don’t lose his hope saying justice is his side along with her support. Karthik sleeps on her shoulder and asks her to take him more near with love without any pity towards him. Deepa in tears holds him.

Deepa wipes her tears and asks him to come out. Karthik asks where but she takes him with her. Shravya calls to Makati than she tells to Bhagyalakshmi that Deepu sleeping. Bhagyalakshmi feels worried for Anandrao. Shravya says Karthik will take care of father in law health so don’t think anything negative.

Bhagyalakshmi says true and she talks Ill about Mounitha. Shravya tells to her Mom that Mounitha is responsible for Anandrao’s condition. Bhagyalakshmi says she did it intentionally and bashes Mounitha. Shravya asks her to cool down saying it’s hospital. Bhagyalakshmi prays for Anandrao health.

Mounitha stops Karthik and asks him to come with her for 30minutes. Karthik asks how can she asks him to comeout when his Dad is in this condition. Karthik tells her their is so much difference between her and Deepa. Mounitha says except Nuptial chain, we both are equal and I will get that nuptial chain on 25th than their will no difference between me and Deepa so come with me. Karthik says you’re responsible for his condition so I won’t come with you and why you come here.

Mounitha says she didn’t do anything. Deepa says you’re responsible for my father in law condition and I may make you learn lesson but I’m controlling myself because it’s Karthik’s hospital. Karthik tells to Mounitha that she is responsible for his father hatred towards him. Mounitha asks him to don’t blame her. Deepa stops her And warns to teach her lesson if something happens to her father in law.

Mounitha says he is going to be our father in law from 25th onwards. Karthik says stop your dreams and leave from here. Mounitha says you can’t treat your own people and I witnessed it in Deepa case that’s why I called specialists for his treatment but you’re blaming me. Karthik tells her he don’t need her service when he is enough to take care of his Dad with his wife Deepa.

Mounitha says ok but I will take care of him after 25th but now you have to come with me. Deepa asks Karthik to go with Mounitha because she wants to take you for marriage works but I thought to take you for ruining the marriage and I wish Anji is here so I may go in car so call him and asks him to rejoin as driver so he will help me to cancel the marriage and go with her, now I will go with Varanasi. Karthik tells to Mounitha that he don’t want to see her face and asks her to leave.

Mounitha says noone can stop their marriage and thinks why Deepa is bringing Anji topic confidently and 3of them leaves in different directions. Anandrao surgery gets started. Karthik asks Aditya to hide Anandrao health condition from their Mom. Aditya says he didn’t inform anything because Vadina asked me to hide it. Karthik thinks how everyone is thinking he is culprit. Mounitha tries to go inside but Deepa stops her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha threatens to kill herself if anyone touch her. Deepa asks her to die by drinking poison water. Mounitha gets baffled and Deepa drinks that water which makes everyone gets shocked.