Karthika Deepam 24th November 2022 Written Update: Karthik reveals the truth to Durga

Karthika Deepam 24th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mounitha pleading with Karthik that she didn’t have any affair with Durga and says Deepa sent Durga to make suspicious of Mounitha. Karthik asks Mounitha what is the reason for Deepa doing this? Mounitha says she wants to take him away from her. Karthik asks Mounitha if he is her husband or Deepa’s husband. Mounitha says Karthik is her husband. Karthik reminds Mounitha that she tried to kill Deepa but Deepa didn’t try to do that and says this is enough to show that she is hiding something from him. Karthik thinks he is acting only to find out if she knows anything about Sourya if not he would have gone with Deepa to find Sourya.

Deepa thinks of whose house is this. The house owner came and asks Deepa why did she take Karthik’s photo away from there. Deepa asks who is she and why does she have Karthik’s photo here. The house owner tells her past saying it is Karthik who has done an operation on her husband but Karthik failed in the operation and as compensation karthik gave his whole property to them. Deepa hearing this recalls what happened. The house owner says Karthik and his family died in a car accident. Deepa says stop and says Karthik is his husband and he is not dead. The house owner asks why is she here. Deepa says she will tell her later and asks her help to find Sourya here. The house owner agrees.

Deepa searches for Sourya. Deepa prays to God asking him to make her family get back together. Deepa sees the poster of Sourya looking for her. Deepa seeing this feels elated thinking Indrudu changed his decision to return Sourya to them. Deepa shows the poster to the house owner and says this is her daughter Sourya. The house owner asks Deepa to call the no on the poster. Deepa agrees.

Durga comes looking for Mounitha. Karthik calls Durga and reveals the truth that he recalled his past a long time ago. Durga questions Karthik on why didn’t he reveal the truth to Deepa. Karthik says he is worried that Mounitha might do something to Deepa. Karthik shares his suspicion with Durga saying Mounitha might know where Sourya is. Durga asks Karthik to leave this matter of finding out if Mounitha knows about Sourya or not and asks Karthik to go to Deepa. Karthik thanks Durga.

Deepa comes with the house owner to the house mentioned on the phone. Deepa goes to the house and asks for Indrudu. A guy comes out and says he is the one who told her the address. The guy comes and asks Deepa why did she call him? Deepa asks for Indrudu. The guy says he doesn’t know. Deepa calls the no and the guy shows his phone ringing. Deepa cries to herself as she lost hope. Deepa tells the house owner about Indrudu. The house owner assures Deepa that they will find Sourya soon.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya to ask Sourya to return home. Sourya says she will not come home until she finds her parents. Karthik and Deepa hear Sourya’s voice and go there. Karthik and Deepa reunite with their family. Sourya and Hima feel elated. Soundarya says they should never be separated again. Deepa asks who will separate us? Mounitha shoots Deepa. Deepa gets shot.