Karthika Deepam 24th October 2020 Written Update: Hima tries to reunite Karthik with Deepa and Sourya

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The episode starts with Karthik blames Soundarya for using Hima to stop Deepa from leaving home and says you changed driver because past driver did Mistake and Deepa value is same like them in my view and I may not consider her like servant but for me she is unknown.

Soundarya says we can change servants but wife can’t be replaced and you have to bear the silence in life and after sometime, it happens when everyone left you in upcoming future and that time you need someone who loves you i.e wife and your life will be over until you realise this fact and like this glass broke your Wife heart will break and leaves you forever like sitha and that’s why I don’t want you to become alone like Ram that’s why I’m ready to do this for you, please understand my love and she goes.

Sourya asks Mom this home, cars and everything is our property right? Deepa says yes. Sourya says but why I feel this is not our home, I feel Sriram Nagar small house is our house even though we don’t have facilities, previously I want us to stay here as a family and now we are living here but their is no happiness, why Mom.

Deepa says these people are same like before, issue is between me and Doctor babu and other people will never hate you and it’s just your view, until now everything happened according to your wishes so now wish for Doctor babu to accept us as his family. Sourya says it’s good to hear but I’m not understanding so tell these words to Hima to clear her pain because she is feeling bad thinking she is outsider. Deepa smiles and combs Sourya hair and says when elder sister can’t understand my words than how come her sister will understand it. Sourya smiles. Deepa says she is not understanding what happens in Hima matter.

Sourya asks what will Doctor babu do if he found us as Hima family? Will he allows Hima to stay here or send her with us? Where will we stay. Deepa says that moment is nearing us so we have to get ready to face any kind of situation so stay strong and Deepa hugs Sourya and kisses her. Hima sees them and thinks that if she have Mom she too have moments with her Mom, wish to have a dad like Karthik, Mom like Deepa and sister like Sourya and she about to go near them but stops herself and than she cries for her Mom.

Everyone is at Dining table and Karthik haves his food at sofa. Hima thinks how she used to fight for her Dad. Soundarya asks Deepa to sit with them. Deepa says atleast he is having food at sofa, let him have it.

Hima goes near to Karthik with her plate, he feels happy. Hima asks him to have the food. Karthik says you used to fight with everyone for me. Hima says that time I don’t know anything but now I found everything. Karthik looks on. Hima places more curry in his plate. Karthik asks why you came here when you can have food with everyone. Hima asks why are you having food alone leaving your family.

Karthik sats I have only you in this world. Hima says you only said that I’m Orphan. Karthik says that’s why I’m bearing punishment. Hima says here everyone is your family except me, did you come here because of me? Karthik says no, I got scared that you won’t have food if you saw me. Hima says they get hurt if you’re having food alone so have it with them and here I will have my food. Karthik says he will have food with her. Hima says one day I want to have food with my parents.

Karthik says he will get them. Hima says do you know how much I will be happy if I saw my parents. Karthik sats he knew it. Hima says Sourya to wants to have food with you because she is your daughter, so let’s go near dining table to have food with them. Karthik looks on but Hima takes him to dining table and than she makes Deepa to sit beside Karthik.

Precap – Hima says everyone is good but what you did to Doctor babu? Why he is angry with you?