Karthika Deepam 24th September 2021 Written Update: Mounitha takes Jailer help to implement her plan

Karthika Deepam 24th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Sourya and Hima feels happy to enter their school and they feels excited to meet their friends from next week. Shiny meets them and says she wants to tell something to them. Sourya asks what’s it. Shiny says I heard the your Dad went to jail for murder case and your Dad is a bad boy. Sourya says Dad got released from jail when Mounitha aunty is back so apologize to us. Shiny says your Dad and Mounitha had affair as I heard my parents discussion that your Dad cheated  her and seems like your family members hided things from you. Hima cries. Sourya gets angry and warns Shiny to leave.

Mounitha treats Sukanya. Sukanya gets immediate relief. Conestsbles asks what happened to her. Mounitha says she suffered with Stomach ache because of gastric pain. Conestsbles says it’s because of her habbit to drink 10sodas for a day. Mounitha leaves asking her to control it.

Karthik reaches to hospital. Staff welcomes him warmly than they praises Deepa than they start to console him about Mounitha matter. Karthik stops them asking to not raise personal topics and he asks Bharathi to not call other doctors as he will come to hospital regularly.

Hima asks Sourya about Shiny words. Sourya says don’t believe her words so stop crying. Hima asks why will Dad cheat Mounitha aunty? It’s so bad to here Dad is bad boy. Soury says she is also feeling same but it won’t good if they cry in the outside and they goes thinking their Dad may arrive soon.

Bharathi apologizes to Karthik for misunderstanding him. Karthik asks her to leave the topic as I want to forget it. Bharathi asks if he wants to forget Mounitha too. Karthik says Mounitha is ended chapter in my life. Bharathi says she may not your partner but she became part of your life. Karthik says it’s surprised to hear these words from you even after knowing everything. Bharati says you can’t deny the fact that you’re father of Mounitha’s baby scientifically.

Mounitha dreams about her marriage with Karthik. Jailer Sukanya meets Mounitha and asks why she looks so happy. Mounitha asks Sukanya for one help. Sukanya says she can do anything for her as she became her fan. Mounitha asks her to call her friend Shivani to jail who is working as reporter. Sukanya agrees.

Deepa notices Varanasi is wiping his eyes thsn she asks what happened to him.  Varanasi tries to lie but Deepa asks him to stop the car thsn she asks why he is lying to her and than she insists him to tell the truth. Varanasi in tears tells her how everyone in their Basti talking bad about Doctor babu and its painful when they are talking worstly about Doctor babu. Deepa asks him to not consider their words than they leaves.

On the way Karthik thinks about Bharathi words. Sourya tries to console Hima by asking her to not believe Shiny words. Hima asks if she is not believing it. Sourya says Dad is released because Mounitha is culprit. Hima says everyone lied to us. Karthik reaches to school.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa and Karthik asks kids what happened to them. Hima says my friends are talking bad about your relationship with Mounitha aunty and why police arrested Dad and what’s the link with Dad if Mounitha got disappeared. Karthik looks on.