Karthika Deepam 25th December 2020 Written Update: Deepa leaves Karthik place with her kids

Karthika Deepam 25th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karthik hugs Hima and tells her that I wish you were orphan than lifelong I may love you keeping you in my heart then he reminsces Mounitha words that he may remember Hima is Vihari daughter whenever he saw her. Hima asks where he is going and why tears in his eyes. Karthik says I’m leaving after giving you whole family and stay here with your Mom. Hima shockingly says Mom. Karthik says I got to know Vantalakka is your Mom.

Hima feels happy. Karthik says even you hides this from me like everyone. Hima says I thought to tell you but Granny and Mom stopped me saying you will see me like Sourya but glad now you realized the truth so we can live as family. Karthik says no I’m alone and don’t have anyone that’s why I’m leaving from home. Hima and others tries to stop him and Hima tells him that she can’t live without seeing him like he can’t live without her and Sourya and me are your daughter’s right than why you want to leave us.

Karthik says he can’t answer her questions and asks her to let him leave. Hima cries asking everyone to stop her Dad. Deepa stops him and asks him to stay with his family and tells him that she leaves with her kids. Everyone gets shocked knowing Hima decision. Deepa says I can’t see your family is breaking because of me that’s why I’m leaving but please bless me because Im gonna travelling in solution way to clear this problem and if brought up love is more than you will come to take Hima if biological mother love is more than she will stay with me, is it okay. Hima says Dad loves me so much and he will come for me because he can’t stay without me and she decides to leave with Deepa tells Karthik that she will wait for his arrival. Deepa leaves with her kids.

Soundarya gives Bp tablet to Anandrao. Aditya blames Soundarya and AnandRao for loosing their position in Karthik heart completely and will you need 100 more years to set Deepa and brothers life? Because of you Hima and Sourya are living without father, what about Hima and Karthik position? Hima is believing that brother will go to bring her but will you think he will go after knowing Hima is Deepa daughter? You guys didn’t gained anything.

Anand Rao asks him to don’t kill them with his words. Aditya questions why they hides Hima truth from him and cries saying don’t know how Brother gonna face this situation and because of your decisions noone get justice and he leaves in tears. Deepa meets Poojari and asks if her decision is right or wrong. Poojari asks if she did anything wrong. Deepa says you know about me from childhood and I always told you everything but you’re doubting me. Poojari says I know about you.

Precap – Deepa says I can’t live killing my self respect that’s why came out with my kids