Karthika Deepam 25th November 2020 Written Update: Aditya confronts Soundarya

Karthika Deepam 25th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Deepa cleans her house. Sourya asks when they gonna construct house like Grandmother? We need money so we have to run big hotel while getting loan from bank. Deepa says you have many dreams. Sourya asks what she had when she left from grandmother place.

Deepa says their is nothing in her hand and says she used to sleep in temples and used to eat prasad. Sourya says now you have home and things in our house so we can have big restaurant and house too. Deepa says she may bought those things if she tried in last 10 years but my wait is for your Dad. Sourya says yeah your self respect.

 Deepa smiles and asks whether she is not liking their current home. Sourya says I always like here because I used to feel like guest at Dad ace. Deepa asks than why she is dreaming for big hotel and dreams. Sourya sats it’s for Hima, if we have luxurious house than we can reveal truth to Dad and get our Hima to our house. Deepa says Hima don’t need money because she just need us. Sourya says correct. Deepa asks Sourya to dream to live as a one family in Karthik place.

Aditya gets scared and shouts Mom after seeing the dream like his mom is living in poor house and cooking in sticks stove. Soundarya asks what happened. Aditya says he dreamed that she is living in poor house and I’m guilty for Vadina and Sourya condition that’s why I’m getting these dreams because I’m guilty and why they have to live in that way mom?

Soundarya thinks Hima also her daughter but I can’t reveal it to you. Aditya asks Soundarya why Deepa Vadina left from home suddenly? And questions why she sended them to Basti. Soundarya reminsces Deepa promise to Hima and thinks she don’t know what to answer and leaves in tears. Aditya gets frustrated.

Deepa misses Hima and than Hima comes to Deepa place. Deepa asks are you real. Hima says yes I’m real and came for you. Deepa feels happy. Hima says she came with Anji and asks where is Sourya. Deepa says she went with Varanasi and asks whether she had anything. Hima says they had idly and asks what she ate.

 Deepa says she didn’t feel like eating than Hima says she bought Tiffin and places idly on the Karthik plate and tells to Deepa that Wife and husband will live together of they eat in same plate. Deepa feels emotional with Hima love.

Hima feeds idly to Deepa and they missed Sourya. Hima asks why can’t she accept money. Deepa says I’m stupid like you Granny said. Hima says she will definitely unite her with Dad. Deepa agrees.

Soundarya smiles reminscing Hima moments with Karthik and calls Deepa and asks about Hima. Deepa says just now she started and my Daughter brought idly along with Karthik eaten plate to increase our love, I felt so many emotions seeing her love.

 Soundarya Says Hima slowly changing her Dad and she is very intelligent in handling Karthik. Deepa asks what if Karthik gets angry. Soundarya says he is cat Infront of his daughter and she will definitely unite you with Karthik. Deepa smiles.