Karthika Deepam 25th November 2021 Written Update: Deepa saves Karthik by exposing Mounitha lies with proofs

Karthika Deepam 25th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Deepa says Mounitha knows manythings like creating fake proofs and stealing sample from lab. Mounitha says what are you saying Deepa sister? You’re lying , I agree that I tied this Mangalsutra for my reputation but I didn’t stealed anything from lab and I got pregnancy because of Karthik only as he drunk one day. Deepa raises her hand and asks her to stop telling lies than she warns her that she won’t leave her if she blame Doctor babu and did you expect me to leave to Basti believing your lies? I will prove your reality with proofs and she asks Priyamani to get her bag. Mounitha feels tensed.

Deepa says you didn’t changed your ways even though you beared jail punishment, wait for sometimes as you have to bear the punishment for your recent crimes too. Priyamani gets the bag. Deepa shows the papers where Rajrao written his statement that he gave Karthik’s sample to Mounitha. Mounitha says it’s lie as I got pregnancy naturally. Deepa shows her video where he confessed that he sold Karthik sample to Mounitha for money. Mounitha gets shocked. Deepa asks Mounitha to answer. Mounitha shouts everyone to leave saying their is no Barasala. Guests and Pandit leaves.

Mounitha says don’t think it’s ended here as my love is infinity and cinema is not yet ended plus you guys can’t imagine what I can do. Soundarya slaps Mounitha and says you can’t do anything as my daughter in law is gold who exposed your crimes so live like a human from here onwards and she about to leave taking Deepa and Karthik with her. Mounitha says don’t think it’s ended as this file is enough to shaken your life’s and with in one week you guys will be shattered. They leaves sith smiles which cause frustration to Mounitha.

At terrace Karthik stares at Deepa recalling everything than he says distance between us increased because of Mounitha as I felt tensed with Mounitha accusations and hided it from you thinking you can’t bear it and silence is enough to create the space between couple and we knows it better than us and sharing everything with wife is good but I hided things from you which increases the distance between our hearts and previously too Mounitha breaked our trust and this time also she played same formula to make you leave from me by creating me as bad and that time I believed her lies but this time you didn’t believed her lies that’s difference between us and I signed consent paper without your knowledge which is so wrong and I gave weapon to Mounitha by signing paper but you exposed her crimes with single hand but what might happen if you believe that I cheated you? How this much patience is possible for ladies. Deepa says it’s about trust, I met lab owner and he acted well in first time but he got exposed in the second time. Karthik says he have to hold her feet everytime for good. Deepa takes his blessings and both smiles.

Lawyer Suresh arrives to Mounitha’s place and he asks Priyamani to call her Madam. Priyamani thinks wgats Mounitha planning to do, this Mounitha won’t let Deepa sleep in peace and I’m not understanding what’s she planning to do. Deepa asks puzzles. Sourya thinks for answer.

Episode ends.