Karthika Deepam 25th November 2022 Written Update: Karthik leaves to Sanga Reddy

Karthika Deepam 25th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Anandrao and Soundarya encouraging Hima to read well so that she will become a doctor. Hima agrees. Hima asks about what will they make Anand. Anandrao says they will allow him to do whatever he wants. Soundarya asks Hima to play with Anand. Hima agrees.

Mounitha is shown to be giving a file to a woman. The woman asks Mounitha to do exactly as she says. Mounitha agrees. Mounitha calls Durga and taunts Durga and challenges him to come to where she is. Durga agrees to her and asks Mounitha to share her location. Mounitha shares her location and asks him to come. Durga agrees. Durga leaves to Mounitha’s location.

Deepa is shown to be searching for Sourya. Deepa thinks she is not feeling well and decides to tell Karthik about her health. Deepa prays to God about Karthik and her children to be together before she dies.

Karthik thinks of where did Mounitha go? Durga reaches Mounitha’s location. Durga asks Mounitha why is she here alone. Mounitha says she is enough to take care of him. Mounitha decides to send Durga inside. Mounitha taunts Durga. Durga also gets provoked and says he did a lot of crimes in Hyderabad and also says he also committed a few crimes here. Mounitha hearing thinks she succeeded.

The police take Durga into custody. Durga asks the police on what grounds they arrested him. Mounitha reveals what he admitted before and says the police recorded everything. Durga threatens Mounitha that he will kill her after he comes out. Mounitha says she already planned so that he will never be able to see them. The police take Durga away. Karthik sees this and understands that Mounitha lies to her and planned to send Durga to jail. Karthik thinks he has to be careful with Mounitha.

Soundarya and Hima talk about Sourya. Hima says she will take Admission for Sourya. Anandrao admires Hima’s confidence and Soundarya also asks Anandrao to go with Hima. Anandrao agrees.

Mounitha thinks this is the best chance to make Karthik hers. Siva comes and says to Mounitha that Karthik has got a phone call from Deepa and he left. Mounitha asks Siva where did he go? Siva says Karthik might have gone to Deepa.
Mounitha gets frustrated hearing this.

Karthik and Deepa search for Sourya. Deepa feels helpless with her condition as she is away from her children and her husband couldn’t recognise her. Karthik asks Deepa to think of himself as her husband.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya to ask Sourya to return home. Sourya says she will not come home until she finds her parents. Karthik and Deepa hear Sourya’s voice and go there. Karthik and Deepa reunite with their family. Sourya and Hima feel elated. Soundarya says they should never be separated again. Deepa asks who will separate us? Mounitha shoots Deepa. Deepa gets shot.