Karthika Deepam 25th September 2020 Written Update: Sourya question shocks Soundarya and Deepa

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The episode starts with Deepa asks what he wants to talk with her. Karthik says don’t make it an issue Infront of my mom and don’t take it in a negative way. Deepa says she never created any issues and asks him to tell immediately because Hima may search her. Karthik asks Deepa to stay from Hima because now Hima in a broken state and she will tried to get closer to you and she may needs you every time so I don’t want it to happen in that way because she may go far from me, if you stay away then she comes closer to me and Hima is hope of my life and I can’t live without her and I may take so much time to clear our differences,if you come here she gets closer to you increasing our gap , I don’t want it to happen and I can’t ruin my life like you. Deepa gets shocked and cries. Karthik begs her to give his daughter back to him. Deepa folds her hands and leaves in tears from Karthik place.

Bhagyalakshmi performs Aarti to herself and roams in the house with new saree and jewellery and thinks Soundarya will cry if she saw her than she gets call from Shravya. Bhagyalakshmi Lakshmi SKS what happened. Shravya says big incident happened in home, Karthik revealed Hima is Orphan and explains while issue to her. Bhagyalakshmi says don’t say like Hima is like your daughter to her. Shravya cuts call saying ok. Bhagyalakshmi feels happy thinking her grandson Deepu is single heir to their property.

Sourya removes their photos from wall. Deepa asks why are you removing photos. Sourya says I lost belief that Hima will come us because Doctor babu make her Orphan so she won’t come to anyone’s place. Soundarya hears everything. Sourya says you’re silent even though Doctor babu saying her as Orphan, you will cry seeing these Photos and it may pain me and I may want to reveal the truth but you and Nanamma will try to stop me than I will get angry, I felt angry when Doctor babu is saying Hima as Orphan but you didn’t get angry that’s why I came back to home without informing to anyone. Deepa cries.

Sourya says you’re crying since my childhood, don’t cry because you tears won’t bring Hima or Doctor babu and we can’t get United that’s why I’m removing these photos and doing same thing like you did. Deepa asks what she did. Sourya says you left Hima alone. Deepa says kill me and cries saying I’m crying since my childhood and I may cry in this way until I die. Soundarya stops her. Deepa says did you see how Sourya is questioning me. Soundarya takes Sourya near her and explains that she have more experience than her mom but she too don’t have any answer to her questions than how will your mom will answer you.

Deepa says I can’t change your dad heart. Soundarya says he will change one day but I’m scared seeing you guys in distress, time will answer these questions and everyone will gets United but please promise me that you won’t reveal truth to your dad. Sourya promise her that she won’t say but can you tell me why dad left my mom. They gets shocked.

Precap – Deepa says she wants to see Hima. Soundarya asks her to come with her. Karthik calls Soundarya and says I know you went to her house but don’t bring her to home.