Karthika Deepam 26th July 2021 Written Update: Mounitha feels tensed knowing Anji is missing from her Men’s observation

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Episode starts with Mounitha enters hospital. Deepa stops her and asks where is she going. Mounitha says she came to meet Karthik’s father as his friend. Deepa says Karthik don’t have friend with Mounitha name. Mounitha says she is becoming his wife. Deepa angrily getsup from chair. Nurse Padma comes to meet Mounitha and she asks her about Anandrao health. Padma says Karthik’s sir father condition is stable and stunt is fixed to his heart but what Karthik sir did? Because his father make him leave him from room by throwing stethoscope and we felt bad seeing Karthik’s sir condition.

Mounitha says Anandrao didn’t like my marriage with Karthik because he don’t want Karthik to ruin his first wife and kids life. Nurse Padma asks if Karthik’s first wife also Doctor. Mounitha says no, she is Vantalakka who can’t give any happiness to Karthik. Nurse leaves saying in that case Karthik’s Dad will understand him very soon and supports his decision to marry you. Mounitha says hope you understand your position in society.

Deepa asks Mounitha to think what society will think of Anji reveals her crimes and I’m Vantalakka who feed food to people but you just care about your pregnancy and don’t care if that person is married or unmarried so their is no comparison between us so leave from here otherwise I will throw you out with my people because this is our hospital and only 2 days left for 25th so get ready. Mounitha feels shocked and leaves from that place.

Bhagyalakshmi asks Shravya about Deepa. Shravya says Deepa went to somewhere for important work. Bhagyalakshmi says I heard Mounitha came to hospital. Shravya tells her how Deepa sent Mounitha from hospital. Bhagyalakshmi feels happy.

Deepa enters Roshini place. Roshini asks her to wait so she can come after having her lunch. Deepa says she will serve the food. Roshini says don’t think that I will support you if you serve me. Deepa says she is not expecting support and I don’t know how to act and I feel happy if people feels happy after having food cooked by me, anyways have food than we talk. Roshini asks her to sit and questions her purpose of visit. Deepa asks if she finds about Anji whereabouts.

Roshini says he is not in Vizag. Deepa says 25th is nearing and we hided this matter from my father in law thinking about his health condition but Mounitha revealed her pregnancy matter to him and he suffered with heart attack and she was successful in creating difference between father and son, I’m informing you so you can know her cruelty. Roshini says I know about Mounitha but your husband is at mistake too so let’s see who will get justice.

Deepa asks won’t she inquire about Mounitha until she get Anji. Roshini says nothing like that and tell me how Karthik used to behave with Anji. Deepa says Karthik didn’t listened to Anji and he is good person who tried to help me. Roshini says don’t think everyone is good so see bad as bad than you can expose it. Deepa says she got idea after hearing her words. Roshini asks her to tell her idea. Deepa shares her idea with Roshini and asks her to help her to expose Mounitha. Roshini agrees.

On the way Mounitha feels mad with Deepa’s confidence than she calls her men and asks about Anji, he told her that Anji is missing from 3days and they are unable to trace him. Mounitha tensely cut the call and reminsces Deepa warning to choose between marriage or jail than she prays god to save her.

At night Deepa cleans vessels and happily thinks that she is going to teach lesson to Mounitha in her way. Kids notices Deepa and asks where they went. Deepa tells him that their grandpa joined in hospital because of heart pain. Sourya asks if he heard any shocking news. Deepa says their is nothing and he didn’t used his medicines in Kolkata that’s why it happened. Kids asks where is their Dad. Deepa says he is staying with their Grandpa and she asks them to come after washing their hands to have food. Kids agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha threatens Karthik to drink poisoned water if they stops her. Deepa asks Mounitha to have the water than she drinks it herself which makes everyone gets shocked.