Karthika Deepam 26th November 2021 Written Update: Mounitha comes up with evil plan again Deepa with Suresh help

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The episode starts with Karthik and his family plays riddle game. Deepa questions it born with water but it dies if we keep it in water, what’s it. Kids asks Karthik and Aditya to think the answer as they may lose the game. Deepa and Shravya asks Anandrao to be fair judge as he is giving more time to his sons. Anandrao says they are tubelights and says time is over. Karthik asks Deepa about the answer. Deepa says it’s salt. Anandrao says Karthik and his team lost it. Soundarya asks what’s happening. Kids tells her about Competition. Soundarya says my Daughter in law won it and she says today is real Diwali to them and she feeds sweets to Deepa and Shravya.

Karthik asks his Mom to give them sweets than Soundarya asks them to sit as couple. They sits as couple. Soundarya tells to her husband that their happy family dream gets fulfilled.

Anandrao agrees than Soundarya asks Aditya to take selfie. Aditya takes selfies of their moment and than says he will keep this photo in hall after framing it.
Lawyer Suresh says they have to choose way to solve the problem. Mounitha says fulfill my revenge to make Deepa as zero and I will transfer amount to your account so finish the work in two weeks. Suresh agress and he asks her to do something in mute. Mounitha agrees. Suresh leaves.

Mounitha thinks you didn’t win yet Deepa, I will show you what’s victory and erasing your smile, it’s a promise.
Aditya dances with kids. Everyone claps for them. Kids says they don’t know that he dance so well and they asks him to entertain on every Sunday. Aditya asks them to pay. Sourya teases him than Kids asks Soundarya to tell stories. Soundarya asks them to sleep with her to listen stories. Kids agrees.

At night Deepa asks Karthik what’s he hiding. Karthik closes her eyes and gives her wrapped book. Deepa asks is it mahaprastanam book? Karthik says yes and you’re intelligent as you find it without seeing it. Deepa says it’s her favourite book and she takes the book and tells him one of the saying in it. Karthik claps for her than he says let’s forget the past and let’s start fresh life and he asks Deepa to forgive him for his mistake. Deepa says I will definitely forgive you as you gave me the favourite book of mine. Karthik asks how she got so much courage. Deepa says her life teached her than Deepa says Basti people are facing health problems than Karthik agrees to conduct health camp. Deepa thanks him than he says I have to thank you lakhs of time if you thank me for this small one.

Next morning Mounitha calls Suresh and asks him to make her win. Suresh says we will win but don’t do mistakes and implement it according to our plan to get success. Mounitha agrees and thanks him than she calls Priyamani. Priyamani gets her tea. Mounitha asks her to get ready saying they have to go to Karthik house. Priyamani gets shocked. Mounitha smiles seeing her reaction.
Episode ends.

Precap – Lady says my son regularly cries for his Dad as he left us. Karthik asks why he left them as heartless person. Mounitha questions why to behave like a idle person when he left them in same way.