Karthika Deepam 27th July 2021 Written Update : Karthik refuses to marry Mounitha

Karthika Deepam 27th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Deepa serves food to kids and they asks if she take food to their Dad. Deepa says their Bhagyalakshmi Granny told her that she will take food to hospital. Sourya says she may take less food to hospital. Deepa says your grandmother is changed and she is taking good care of me than Shravya. Kids discusses that Bhagyalakshmi is step mom to Mom. Hima says thank God we don’t have step mom. Sourya says they never want step Mom.

Deepa gets emotional and asks them to not talk more than their age and tells them that she won’t let any other person enter in their family. Kids hugs her and questions why she is crying. Deepa asks them to never think about Bad things which are not present in our life. Kids agrees. Deepa tells them that she will go to hospital by keeping Sarojini Akka with them. Kids agrees.

Aditya asks Karthik how to take care of their Dad after stent operation. Karthik says they have to keep him away from shocking news. Aditya agrees and asks when they will discharge their Dad. Karthik says they will discharge after seeing Dad’s condition and please be with him during discharge because he won’t feel good if I stay near him because he is angry with me.

Aditya says glad atleast Deepa Vadina is trusting you against Mounitha words. Karthik praises Deepa and tells him that he don’t know how to solve this problem and Mounitha is creating more problems because she is unable to digest Deepa is supporting me. Bhagyalakshmi brings carriage to them and asks them to come so she can serve food to them.

Mounitha thinks about Anji matter than she thinks to do something. Bhagyalakshmi asks Karthik to have food but he says he is not feeling to have food. Mounitha reaches to that place with food and says that Karthik will have food bought by her. Bhagyalakshmi asks Karthik to leave from room locking the door so she can teach lesson to Mounitha. Mounitha locks door from inside and threatens them that she will drink poisoned water if she or Aditya mistreat her. Everyone stays silent. Mounitha mocks Bhagyalakshmi food and she serves her food. Someone Knocks the door. Karthik opens it against Mounitha words and Deepa comes inside.

Deepa asks Bhagyalakshmi why she is silent seeing Mounitha dramas. Bhagyalakshmi tells her how Mounitha is threatening them with poisonous water if they do something to her. Deepa asks Mounitha to die drinking that poisoned water. Mounitha gets shocked. Deepa drinks that water from bottle and everyone feels worried. Deepa says this is just water not poison and she questions Mounitha how many days she is planning to threaten them.

Mounitha holds Deepa feet and tells her that she is mad to get her husband who’s her 16 years love and begs her to understand it than she goes to Karthik and ask him to tell them that she loves her from so many years. Karthik says it’s not love and you’re just my friend to me like others and he told her that he will never marry her. Mounitha gets shocked and shows him the dress she bought for him for their wedding day.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha behaves madly and asks Deepa to understand her love. Deepa asks her to end her drama.