Karthika Deepam 28th July 2021 Written Update : Karthik thanks Deepa for trusting him

Karthika Deepam 28th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik refuses to marry Mounitha. Mounitha gets mad after hearing his words and she shows him dress and ring she bought for him for their marriage on 25th and warns him that she won’t leave him if he denies to marry her and she tells to Deepa that she loves her husband madly and asks her to understand her love and tells her that she can stay with them with her kids and she Insists Deepa to agree.

Karthik stops Mounitha and asks if she is mad. Mounitha tells him she is madly in his love and asks him to understand his love and tells him that noone have right in this world to stop her from loving you. Karthik says he have that right. Mounitha says what about my pregnancy if you escape from me? don’t thinks that I will leave you. Karthik tells her he is not responsible for the mistake happened without his knowledge. Mounitha says she won’t agree if he rejects her. Karthik says he don’t care even if she even kill herself and tells her that it’s her mistake to love married men and creating the scene Infront of his wife.

Mounitha praises her love on Karthik and tells him how she always stays with him when his family stays far from him and tells him that he can ever get a girl like her who loves him for 16years and love can’t be judged by nuptial chain because it’s heart work and you will lose 100years love if you leave me and she is in tears asks Deepa to make her husband understand her love.

Deepa stops her by questioning why she is behaving like lunatic? And you can’t get love by begging and yours is not love it’s your ego to get Karthik because you can never harm his family if you really loves him and if you’re in my position than you might created so many problems to them and Deepa tells to Mounitha about importance of Nupital chain and tells her that no lady will sacrifice her nupital chain and she asks Karthik to leave. Karthik leaves without listening to Mounitha pleas and Mounitha leaves after warning Deepa that she will drag their family to roads if Karthik fails to marry her on 25th.

Deepa goes to Karthik and asks him why he is staying alone. Karthik says he is not understanding how many people will misunderstand him after finding this news and tells to Deepa that he failed to realise Mounitha nature in the before itself and he thanks Deepa for standing by him during bad times. Deepa asks him to have food saying situations will get better with time and don’t punish yourself for Mounitha mistake. Karthik agrees.

Later Deepa and Bhagyalakshmi reaches to home and asks kids why they didn’t sleep yet. Kids says they are waiting for them and asks about their grandpa condition. Deepa tells them their grand father is getting fine and she asks them to sleep. Karthik sees his Dad and leaves from room. Govardan shows him the report, Karthik suggest few more tablets and tells him that he will take his Dad to home tomorrow itself. Govardan says uncle is angry with you so try to stay away from him until you guys solve the issues. Bhagyalakshmi bashes Mounitha Infront of Deepa.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepa asks Mounitha to attend ACP call. Roshini asks her to reach to her place very soon. Mounitha tells to Deepa that she is going to Roshini home. Deepa says no, we are going to Roshini place.