Karthika Deepam 28th November 2020 Written Update: Mounitha spoils Deepa and Soundarya image in Karthik view

Karthika Deepam 28th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Deepa happily cooks for everyone. Bhagyalakshmi asks her to keep 4 bajjis for her too. Deepa says she is making many and asks her to eat how much she wants. Bhagyalakshmi asks why that bujji is bringing her Dad here for Bajji. Deepa and Sourya smiles. Deepa says Hima likes her handmade Bajji. Bhagyalakshmi says you’re treating Orphan like your daughter. Sourya gets angry but Deepa signs her to be cool.

Soundarya thinks Deepa will be happy than she sees Karthik coming to home alone and asks why is he here. Karthik says he don’t have emergency cases so I came to home. Soundarya asks where is Hima? Anji told me that you’re going to Vantalakka place with Hima. Karthik says he left Hima at Mounitha place. Soundarya scolds him for leaving Hima at Mounitha place. Karthik ask his Mom and Deepa to stay away from him and Hima and im trying to keep her away from Vantalakka and I know she will be happy at Mounitha place and he goes upstairs. Soundarya thinks what to tell Deepa and Sourya.

Bhagyalakshmi eats bajjis. Murali Krishna asks when they will come. Bhagyalakshmi says he won’t come. Murali Krishna scolds her. Bhagyalakshmi says I want Deepa to reunite with Karthik but I feel he won’t come because it’s already late. Sourya says Hima will definitely bring my Dad. Bhagyalakshmi asks won’t you feed us if they don’t come because I’m hungry. Deepa asks them to have food.

Soundarya calls her, Deepa happily attends the call and says that she is waiting for them with hot bajjis. Soundarya apologies to her and says that Karthik takes Hima to Mounitha place instead of yoir home and sorry for creating hopes. Deepa looks on thinking how their happiness is turned to grief. Deepa goes inside. Sourya and others asks what happened. Deepa says they are not coming.

Bhagyalakshmi asks what will happen to cooked foods? They may get wasted. Murali Krishna asks why they changed their decision. Deepa says Karthik went to Mounitha place with Hima. Murali Krishna and Bhagyalakshmi asks who’s Mounitha always behind your husband and maybe your husband thought it’s better if he marries doctor. Deepa asks her to don’t say these things Infront of Sourya. Bhagyalakshmi asks her to feed her food. Deepa agrees.

Hima laughs along with Mounitha and Priyamani. Karthik sees them laughing and asks why they are laughing. Mounitha tells past incident of Priyamani. Karthik asks Hima to come with him but Mounitha sends Hima to see the garden saying she will give coffee. Karthik asks why she send Hima away. Mounitha says your daughter wants me to reunite you with Deepa and I agreed to her.

 Karthik says don’t give these type of promises. Mounitha says I can’t tell her about Vihari matter that’s why I agreed. Karthik says Hima will get disturbed if she knows about more things so I will talk with her. Mounitha says Hima took promise from me saying don’t inform to you and your Mom and Deepa are behind Hima behaviour. Karthik gets angry than He takes Hima with him. Mounitha feels relaxed for spoiling Deepa and Soundarya image in Karthik eyes. Murali Krishna and Bhagyalakshmi leaves from Deepa place.

Precap – Mounitha holds Deepa legs and asks her to reconsile with Doctor babu for her kids. Sourya looks on. Deepa slaps her and asks what’s this new drama.