Karthika Deepam 29th September 2020 Written Update: Soundarya pleas Hima to stop questioning her

Karthika Deepam 29th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Mounitha thinks this Janardhan disturbs me alot but these people don’t know that I have Karthik in my life then she sees Anji placing things inside car and thinks to convey Anji that she changed like him than he can forgive her. Mounitha calls Anji Anna. Anji asks who are you. Mounitha says did you remember our meet at Vizag. Anji says you’re Mounitha right. Mounitha says I’m changed like you, when you came here. Anji says I’m not Hima to believe that you changed because of you two families got ruined. Mounitha cries and asks him to believe her. Anji holds her hand saying I will make you Rot in jail. It’s turned to be Mounitha dream and she thinks for a plan to send Anji from Karthik house.

Deepa waits at Karthik house and cries while thinking how to meet Hima crossing Lakshman Rekha by Karthik. Watchman opens the door. Karthik comes out from car and goes near Deepa and asks why she came. Deepa says she will go seeing Hima from far. Karthik asks why you love my daughter Vantalakka. Deepa says she go as Vantalakka only. Karthik says I can’t see you get close to my daughter, you came at night time to get closer to her. Karthik says don’t test my patience so stay away from her because I can take care of her and you don’t need to think about my daughter do leave because whenever Hima seeing you she is feeling as Orphan so please go and he tries to touch her feet but Deepa stops him and leaves.

Bhagyalakshmi sleeps in Ac room. Goon enters Bhagyalakshmi house and opens rice box seeing the lock and than he tries to leave with money bag but Bhagyalakshmi stops him and he stabs her, it’s turned to be Bhagyalakshmi dream than she checks her money again and thinks how many days I have to hide this money and than she thinks to open locker.

Soundarya stays with Hima and sees her fever us reduced than she asks how’s she feeling. Hima stops before saying Nanamma. Soundarya asks why you stop. Hima says because I got to know I’m Orphan. Soundarya says don’t hurt me because it’s paining me. Hima says did you asks my parents permission to bring me here? Why that gave you? Can’t they afford to raise me? Soundarya cries thinking i stole you from your mom and that day I didn’t think it will pain many people and I’m responsible for everything. Hima asks why are you crying. Soundarya asks her to sleep. Hima says won’t you answer me. Soundarya says one lie created so much so please don’t ask me anything. Hima says I won’t ask so please don’t cry.

Hima asks people cry for their closed ones but why you’re crying for Orphan. Soundarya shouts and makes her sleep.

Mounitha thinks she’s is not getting what’s happening and calls Karthik to know about it. Mounitha asks did your mom revealed something. Karthik says no. Mounitha asks where is her. Karthik says he came near chourasta to buy medicines. Mounitha asks him to wait for her so they can meet.

Sourya wakesup in the midnight and notices her mom is not beside her than she searches Deepa and notices door is locked from outside and than thinks Mom might go to meet Hima and Sourya sits thinking she won’t get scared even though she stayed alone. Karthik thinks what’s the need of Mounitha to meet me at this midnight and she didn’t attend his call. Deepa walks alone and walks fastly thinking Sourya might get scared so she walks fastly. Karthik sees her and thinks why she walking alone.

Precap – Deepa says today you stopped me to come inside your house but one day you will asks me to come.