Karthika Deepam 2nd August 2021 Written Update : Roshini confronts Karthik about his relationship with Mounitha

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Episode starts with Roshini asks Karthik to sit and asks if he came to surrender himself. Karthik tells her he didn’t commited any mistake. Roshini says your mistake is rising in Mounitha’s womb. Karthik says he don’t know about her pregnancy. Roshini questions why he is bearing Mounitha’s tortures and why he forgave her even after knowing she is reason for his Dad’s heart attack. Mounitha says she is blackmailing me. Roshini asks why didn’t he approached police if she blackmails him. Karthik says she knows everything.

Roshini says you guys are talking in your versions than whom to believe, answer me as a doctor how can Mounitha become pregnant without any intercourse? And why you roam around her house even after knowing she have feelings for you and you crossed the line of friendship in weak moment. Karthik shouts at her to stop it than he apologizes to her and tells to Roshini that he never crossed boundaries.

Roshini asks what about Mounitha’s case? And it’s time to take action against you. Karthik says tell me what you want me to do? And i can’t do injustice to Deepa and kids. Roshini asks if he is planning to marry Mounitha or not? and questions him how can he do second marriage when he is already married to Deepa and points him that he did mistake by making Mounitha pregnant too. Karthik drinks water tensely.

Roshini asks him to sit and tells him that she dont consider any feelings when she is on duty but Deepa is making me changed with her values and I’m not punishing you because it may cause injustice to everyone if you stays in jail and Deepa informed me about Anji than I questioned Mounitha about him and she felt so tensed. Karthik says he came to talk with her about it and asks her to tell him if she finds about Anji details. Roshini asks him to forget everything and asks him to spend good time with his family saying she will solve the case. Karthik leaves from that place.

Priyamani asks Mounitha who’s Anji? And why you’re tensed listening his name? Until now I thought you’re pregnant because of Karthik but your tension is making me doubt that you did wrong. Mounitha raises her hand and asks Priyamani to leave. Priyamani says I love you but remember if I find you did mistake than I will never trust you than you will lose me too.

Deepa talks on call with Roshini. Sourya asks if she is talking with their Dad. Deepa agrees. Sourya asks why they are roaming busily. Deepa says it’s small work which will get completed in a day so sleep without asking any questions. Sourya sleeps. Deepa thinks Roshini mam informed me that she found Anji but why she asked me to go to Suryapet without informing to Karthik than she plans to leave hiring taxi telling Karthik that she is going to her Dad’s house. Mounitha too get information of Anji and she too leaves hurriedly to Suryapet telling Priyamani that she didn’t do any mistake.

Karthik reaches to home. Deepa asks him to take bath. Karthik sit saying he will take bath later and asks if she had dinner. Deepa tells him she had food with kids. Deepa says don’t think about Mounitha’s problem which will solve very soon. Karthik praises her maturity. Deepa says kids needs us and we need our family and if anyone point us than we need to get united. Karthik thinks Roshini’s words about Deepa’s love. Deepa tells him that she is going out for some work.

Karthik asks if she is going for him. Deepa says she is going for them. Karthik denies to send her than Deepa tells him that she is going to Bhagyalakshmi house. Karthik tells her she will drop her. Deepa says she already hired cab so it won’t good if I cancel the trip. Karthik asks when will she return. Deepa says she will be back in the morning and asks him to sleep after having food.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik receives Bhagyalakshmi call and gets to know Deepa didn’t went to her Dad’s place than he thinks what’s Deepa doing to save him. on the way Mounitha thinks to threaten Anji. Otherside Deepa thinks to expose Mounitha crimes with Anji help. Karthik thinks what Deepa can do in alone. Mounitha stops Deepa’s cab for lift.