Karthika Deepam 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Deepa warns Mounitha to stay away from her husband and kids

Karthika Deepam 2nd December 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mounitha asks everyone to do justice to them and questions how can they elect Karthik as president who ruined her life. Deepa enters to stage with claps than she says I’m wife of Karthik and I came here as she is accusing my husband and My husband went to Mounitha place as he considered her as his friend and we have some issues between them but those are sorted as those are created one but this Mounitha got pregnancy through unnatural way snd you guys know what these type of people are addressed as and she is not revealing her crimes like kidnapping and etc which I can’t reveal and Mounitha can’t be a Doctor but she is trying to accuse my husband so think who’s correct. Mounitha leaves angrily. Bharati invites Karthik to stage but he denies.

Priyamani asks Mounitha why she is trying even though she knows Karthik won’t accept her. Mounitha tells her she won’t leave Karthik. Priyamani says Karthik and his family is coming. Mounitha says Anandrao garu, your Dad got president position. Karthik gets angry and says he will kill her but Soundarya and Deepa stops him. Mounitha says you have daughters and my curse will definitely touch your kids and they bear life like me, Deepa goes to her warns her to not involve her kids and Karthik. Priyamani asks her to come but Mounitha says she willl definitely stay at their place, so remember it and she leaves from that place.

Aditya asks Soundarya if Karthik become president. Everyone stands silently than Aditya asks what happened and where is Brother. Deepa says Mounitha came to event and created mess. Aditya asks what she did and where is Brother. Soundarya tells him how Mounitha accused Karthik. Aditya asks what they need to do. Soundarya says Mounitha is planning for revenge on us. Aditya says we need solution for this problem. Soundarya says we don’t have solution at present but we don’t need to get scared seeing her and Mounitha is doing all these things as Deepa teached her lesson than she sees kids are coming and they acts normally. Hima asks Deepa to prepare the sweet which she and Karthik likes. Aditya angrily asks them to leave but Deepa agrees to make the sweet thsn they leaves.

Suresh informs to Mounitha that work is almost finished and it takes 3 days to finish the file and he indirectly asks for money. Mounitha happily agrees and she tells to Priyamani that she got good news. Soundarya and Deepa recalls Mounitha words. Soundarya asks Deepa what’s happening and how Karthik face Mounitha if he is alone? And I’m scared thinking Karthik’s position and previously I always supported you and if he did mistake than I may made you get divorced and took care of you but here Karthik is innocent that’s why I’m unable to bear his condition. Deepa consoles her.

Episode ends.