Karthika Deepam 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Karthik warns Mounitha to not interfere in his family matters

Karthika Deepam 2nd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Mounitha thinks where is the correct place to meet Karthik than she decides to meet him at his place as Deepa’s husband for the last time and the next day Karthik will become my husband once I blasted the bomb and she happily leaves in her car.

Bhagyalakshmi cleans the photos and thinks about how Karthik broke the photo than she thinks Son in law in is changed so she thought to hang the photo in the hall. That time Soundarya and Deepa reaches to home and asks what’s she doing. Bhagyalakshmi says currently your son is changed that’s why I’m planning to hang this photo again in the hall.

Soundarya asks her to do it immediately. Deepa thinks about Karthik words that he will reveal the matter on Pooja and she asks Bhagyalakshmi to hang the photo once Karthik reveal what’s inside his heart. Soundarya asks Bhagyalakshmi to do like Deepa said than she invites her to Pooja in their place. Deepa asks Bhagyalakshmi about her Dad. Bhagyalakshmi says he went to office. Deepa asks Bhagyalakshmi to inform about Pooja to her Dad too. Bhagyalakshmi agrees.

Karthik feels tensed thinking about the next day. Mounitha enters to Karthik’s place. Karthik questions why she came. Mounitha tells him she came through front door. That time Soundarya and Deepa returns to home. Soundarya asks where are kids. Karthik sats I dropped kids at farmhouse because he is getting bored. Soundarya asks why he dropped kids when they have Pooja at home?

Mounitha says true, it’s not good if kids are not present in Pooja so bring them back. Karthik ask to shut her mouth and warns her to not involve in their family matters. Mounitha apologies to him and leaves from that place. Deepa feels happy. Soundarya asks Karthik to call his Dad so he can come to home with kids. Karthik says no Mom, Tomorrow I’m going to reveal important matter and I don’t want kids to hear that matter. Deepa asks Soundarya what’s that matter.

Mounitha angrily thinks about Karthik’s insulting her Infront of Deepa and she thinks tomorrow you will be near my feet Karthik and I won’t leave you.

At night Soundarya asks Shravya about Deepa. Shravya says maybe she is crying at somewhere. Soundarya asks why she is talking in this way. Shravya says my Mom used to torture Deepa and I feel that torture is better than Karthik’s torture, he didn’t even inform to Deepa that he is taking kids to farmhouse and she feels emotional thinking Deepa’s state. Soundarya leaves after consoling her. Deepa cries thinking she don’t have strength to face insults and thinks what matter Karthik wants to discuss? Soundarya asks why both sisters are crying for nothing? Deepa says I asked him to tell the matter to me but he told that its matter related to our future that’s why I’m tensed thinking what kind of bomb he planned to blast.

Episode ends.

Precap – Soundarya sends Deepa to Karthik room. Deepa gets surprised seeing he is reading the book which he hates so much.