Karthika Deepam 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Deepa decides to reveal the truth to Hima

Karthika Deepam 2nd October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mounitha scolds Priyamani for not cleaning house. Priyamani asks why Deepa and Soundarya are suddenly staying silent. Mounitha thinks they are scared thinking I will reveal Hima truth and than she asks Priyamani to leave the matter and asks her to prepare Chicken upma for her. Priyamani leaves thinking how to make Chicken upma for this sadist. Mounitha thinks to remove Deepa from her way.

Deepa gets emotional seeing Hima photo than she gets Mounitha call and thinks why she is calling her. Deepa attends video call. Mounitha says Good morning Vantalakka, you might be free because their are no offices and classes to need your food and last night you went with Karthik proudly but you’re mistaken because he takes you to home with sympathy so don’t be happy, last night I gave full dose to your mother in law too.

Deepa angrily shouts on Mounitha and scolds her for her talking about her Mom in law and praises Soundarya qualities and warns Mounitha to be careful and cuts the call asking her to eat Upma. Priyamani gets Upma for Mounitha. Mounitha says did you informing Deepa about me. Priyamani says I’m not like you than Mounitha throws Upma and asks Priyamani to leave. Mounitha thinks to take revenge on Deepa and Soundarya revealing Hima truth to Karthik.

Karthik asks Soundarya to have Tiffin saying he will stay with Hima. Soundarya asks tell me who’s responsible for Hima condition? You revealed truth to her and Hima is bearing consequences and in future who will marry her if she struggle in this way? You’re responsible for her condition but you blame me, atleast now onwards listen to my words, Hima condition is proof for your anger and you don’t even have right to shout on Shravya.

Karthik about to leave than Hima calls Doctor babu. Karthik goes near her and asks hows she. Hima says can I ask you something. Karthik sats asks me anything. Hima asks him to bring her parents so she can leave with them and asks can you take me. Soundarya thinks I’m scolding Karthik but root cause is me who is responsible for Hima pain.

Karthik gets shocked. Soundarya leaves from room. Hima asks him to answer her. Karthik says I made sin revealing truth to you and cries saying he is responsible for her condition and asks her to forgive her. Hima sleeps again.

Deepa says to god that I’m praying you since years but you didn’t do anything but this time I will do my side work revealing truth that I’m her mom and Karthik is her Dad to Hima, i will stop Hima to hide this truth like we stopped Sourya so revealing truth can heal Hima pain and my decision won’t be changed so bless me and now onwards I won’t think about others because I can do anything for my kid.

Sourya asks her for food and notices Deepa didn’t cook the food. Deepa says I will make it in half an hour. Sourya asks why you look happy. Deepa says it’s secret so I won’t reveal it you and goes to cook the food.

Precap – Karthik asks Soundarya about Hima parents. Soundarya asks can you live if Hima goes with her parents.