Karthika Deepam 30th December 2020 Written Update: Aditya advises Deepa to prove her innocence

Karthika Deepam 30th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aditya tells to Hima that her Dad will come soon and asks where they are going. Deepa says they are going to buy vegetables. Sourya says Hima can’t adjust in Auto so we booked cab. Hima gets shocked seeing cab and says it’s not needed. Aditya says he will drop Deepa and asks them to cancel job. Sourya says cab person will charge them if they cancel it. Aditya gives 500 and ask them to buy something and says he will bring their Mom. Once kids goes, Aditya asks Deepa to come but she says I know you want to talk with me so let’s talk here.

Soundarya feels headache. Anand Rao asks why she is taking stress. Soundarya says she is scared thinking what kids will do. Anand Rao says he us feeling scared too. Soundarya says Karthik can’t stay away from Hima, hope he accept Deepa and Sourya for Hima. Anand Rao says hope it’s happen in this way.

Deepa asks what he want to tell her. Aditya says yes, it’s regarding you and brother. Deepa says he can tell anything. Aditya asks when they gets seperated. Deepa says it’s been 10years. Aditya says what you did to change brother heart? He is saying you’re wrong and but you’re saying correct, why didn’t you prove that truth to Brother? Why are you bearing his insults, your kids and whole world is waiting when you guys unite and you’re also waiting for us but not thinking how to clear Karthik suspicion, Brother must know the truth to clear his doubts, Brother is good so you can change it, in this matter our whole family is struggling and now kids is involved so you have to prove your innocence quickly. Deepa agrees. Aditya says Brother started drinking because he is badly missing Hima so please take a step a head and you have to move towards solution to reveal the truth and kids must get their family. Deepa says she is already decided to prove her innocence bit your brother is saying I’m lying so did you ask him to prove that I’m at mistake? Ask him to prove my mistake than whole truth will be out.

Mounitha thinks she have to prove Deepa relationship with Vihari otherwise Karthik may accepts Deepa and Sourya for Hima. Mounitha plans to take Karthik when Deepa is near to Vihari than game is over.

Karthik sees Hima and Sourya in market. Hima asks why they came to second hand shop. Sourya says to buy second hand chair for their Mom. Hima sats let’s buy in good shop. Sourya says cost will be more in those shops , she bargain it and get that chair. Hima couldn’t bear the heat. Karthik feels bad. Sourya asks Hima to cover her head with chair so she won’t feel hot and makes her hold it. Sourya gives her guava. Karthik cries thinking how Hima life is changed.

Aditya returns to home, Soundarya asks him why he went to Deepa place. Aditya says you guys are not doing anything. Deepa asks what he advices to Deepa. Aditya says I told her to clear brother suspicion on her.

Precap – Deepa thinks why Doctor babu came to see Hima. Karthik came to Deepa house in his car.