Karthika Deepam 31st October 2022 Written Update: A frustrated Mounitha decides to kill Deepa

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The episode starts with Karthik and Deepa talking excitedly about meeting Sourya. Karthik says to Deepa that he will get ready in a minute. Deepa asks Karthik what will he say to Mounitha. Karthik says there is no need to say anything to her. Karthik says he will go and get ready.

Chandramma asks Indrudu if he forgot to call anyone. Indrudu later recalls what he said to Deepa. Indrudu asks Chandramma what will she do when Sourya leaves them? Chandramma says we will see when it happens and asks him to receive the guests. Indrudu gets into a dilemma about what to do. Indrudu decides not to hand over Sourya to them.

Deepa asks Karthik to drive quickly. Deepa says she is very excited to meet Sourya and says they also heard the good news. Deepa says she didn’t know before she is Sourya if not she would have done the puberty function with her own hands. Deepa says she would have met Sourya on Batukamma Pandaga if she was not worried about him. Karthik says he would not have gone anywhere and says she should have gone to meet Sourya. Deepa sees this and feels hopeful that Karthik might remember his memory.

Sourya sees someone cooking and thinks of her mother. Chandramma asks what she is thinking about? Sourya says she is thinking about her mother. Indrudu asks Chandramma what happened. Sourya says she wants to go to meet her mother. Indrudu says there is no one there and says she is just hallucinating. Sourya says to Indrudu how much she longs to see her parents. Indrudu hearing this feels guilty as he stopped her parents from meeting her. Indrudu decides to unite Sourya with her parents. Indrudu apologises to Sourya. Indrudu says to Chandramma to take care of Sourya and says she has to go. Indrudu goes to get Deepa and Karthik.

Mounitha takes out her frustration on the furniture. Siva tries to cool her down. Mounitha asks Siva to leave but he doesn’t listen and tries to cool her down. Mounitha starts talking to Siva thinking she is Deepa. Siva doesn’t understand what Mounitha is talking about? Mounitha in her anger brings the gun and points the gun at Siva thinking he is Deepa. Siva pleads with Mounitha not to kill him. Mounitha takes Deepa’s name. Siva understands that Mounitha is talking about Deepa. Siva says to Mounitha that he is not Deepa. Mounitha asks Siva why is here and asks him to leave. Siva agrees. Mounitha asks him to stop and says to Siva to give Anand to Sivaalatha and asks Siva to send everyone away. Siva agrees. Mounitha leaves with a gun.

Karthik and Deepa reach the place where they decided to meet Indrudu. Indrudu comes in an auto to pick them up. Indrudu apologises saying he is busy with the function. Karthik says they are thinking about the same as he came late. Indrudu asks Karthik and Deepa to follow him in their car. Karthik agrees. Indrudu drives the auto and recalls what happened. Indrudu convinces himself it is the right decision to give Sourya to her parents as Sourya will be happy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik and Deepa go to Indrudu’s house to meet Sourya. Indrudu invites them and introduces them to Chandramma. Chandramma says she knows Deepa. Indrudu says to Chandramma that they came here to meet the girl and asks Chandramma to take them. Chandramma agrees. Sourya comes out and gets surprised.