Karthika Deepam 5th May 2021 Written Update: Deepa misunderstands Karthik intentions

Karthika Deepam 5th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik says Deepa can cook everything and she can become Dabbawala too. Deepa questions why he is showing hell to her by bringing her to home. Karthik says you’re showing hell to me and he about to reveal truth but Soundarya stops him on time and asks him to not fight with Deepa. Karthik leaves saying he won’t touch Deepa’s handmade food. Deepa gets angry.

Mounitha writes something in her diary. Priyamani asks what’s she writing. Mounitha says she is writing names of kids because they are useful after her marriage with Karthik. Priyamani says she is over doing.

Mounitha thinks what might Karthik feel if he knows that he can have kids and she thinks to manage him by telling another lie and she asks Priyamani if she also wants to write names of kids after her marriage.

Priyamani says noone will be happy after marriage. Mounitha says she is wrong and tells her that she is going to prove it wrong by Living happy life with Karthik. Priyamani mocks her which makes Mounitha gets angry and beats her with plank.

Murali Krishna informs to Bhagyalakshmi that he is going to meet Deepa and will bring Deepa and Kids to their home if it’s possible. Bhagyalakshmi agrees.

Aditya and Shravya goes to Soundarya questions why Karthik bought them to home if he don’t like Deepa Vadina? And she may leave again if he continues to insult her in this way. Soundarya thinks they didn’t thought Deepa may leave again.

Aditya questions his Mom why she is not scolding Karthik even after seeing his behaviour. Soundarya says I’m scolding him for 10 years and he fulfilled my wish by bringing Deepa to home so I don’t have right to scold him and where to point him because he is just asking Deepa to take rest so stop pointing him by noticing his heart. Aditya and Shravya looks on.

Mounitha gives Coffee to Karthik and asks him what happened. Karthik tells her how he is feeling tensed seeing Deepa in kitchen. Mounitha asks won’t his Mom stopping Deepa. Karthik says his Mom is struggling between two of them.

Mounitha says you understand everyone but they won’t understand you and Deepa is not kid so reveal her health condition to Deepa so she may follow the caring tips for her kids. Karthik says patients can’t accept shocking truth which may increase their depression and Deepa head nerves may burst if she thinks overly so it’s not good. Mounitha says you’re so good and showing so much sympathy on her that’s why you kept past aside too.

Karthik says it’s not time to discuss about past so let’s think for solution. Mounitha says I already told you my suggestion. Karthik says don’t know what Deepa going to decide but I created scene like I bought Tiffin from your place, hope Mom makes her understand it.

Soundarya goes to Deepa and asks what happened to her. Deepa says nothing happened to me, why you’re questioning me like your son. Soundarya asks why he take her to hospital If she is fine. Deepa asks did he tagging me with some diseases telling I may die. Soundarya closes her mouth and asks her to not talk in that way.

Deepa says he is not giving me value that’s why he don’t want to have my handmade food. Soundarya says Karthik misunderstood you for past 10 years and now you’re misunderstanding his intentions, he is just asking you to take rest. Deepa says he want me to live like a guest.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik asks where they are going. Deepa tells him how kids are planning to go out for shopping. Karthik tells them days are not good for shopping.