Karthika Deepam 8th December 2021 Written Update: Soundarya’s family gets baffled with Karthik’s unexpected decision

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The episode starts with Karthik walks on road with his family and he recalls how Patient died because of him and how he gave his properties to Neelamma as compensation and gow he apologized to Deepa. Kids asks why they are leaving to tour without informing anyone. Deepa says it’s surprise. Kids asks why they are not going in flight plus why didn’t they get any luggage. Karthik says they need to remove the baggage. Phone rings than Karthik asks them to wait saying he is going aside but Deepa asks him to don’t leave her hand again.

Sourya asks which bus they have to board. Deepa says it’s unplanned tour so we have to travel on bus which come first. Karthik throws his phone in bushes. Unknown men sees it.
Deepa and Karthik boards to the first bus they sees with kids. Men takes the phone and thinks why he intentionally leaves his phone. Sourya and Hima enjoys near window seats. Mounitha wakesup Priyamani and tells her what she did to Karthik. Priyamani gets shocked and why him.

Next morning Soundarya and Anandrao decides to make Karthik and Deepa gets loan from bank to start their own business. Soundarya calls Deepa saying she will tell her good news but she didn’t get any response. Shravya comesout and asks if she needs coffee. Soundarya asks about Deepa than she says she don’t know. Soundarya and Anandrao about to go to walking but Shravya stops them seeing the letter on table. Soundarya asks what’s the letter. Shravya says Bava garu.

Soundarya takes the letter which is from Karthik where it’s mentioned that he don’t want them to face punishment for his crimes that’s why this time he is leaving from home with his family to face the punishment and he asks them to dont search for them and consider like you have only one son i.e Aditya and his family and I got defeated in the battle that’s why I’m leaving as I’m unable to face anyone so take care of Aditya family. Soundarya band Anandrao cries badly. Aditya assures to search them. Shravya says they left intentionally than where can we search them?
Soundarya says Karthik got really defeated. Anandrao says he won’t get defeated when Deepa is with him and she will definitely fight for him facing the problems. Karthik about to fell down but Deepa saves him by holding his hand.
Episode ends.

Precap – Mounitha enters to Soundarya’s place and questions where they hided Karthik. Deepa’s family reaches to one house and tells to neighbour lady that they came to search work. Lady asks them to leave and warns them about the house.