Karthika Deepam 8th January 2021 Written Update: Deepa on a mission to get the truth

Karthika Deepam 8th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karthik thinks about party incidents. Organizers notice Karthik state and says they thought he went from party. Karthik says he stayed to tell them that he can’t accept president position. Doctors asks reason for denial. Karthik says he don’t want to reveal. Doctors says Karthik can’t be president because he couldn’t provide justice to his own family than how can he give justice to this position. Karthik leaves from that place.

Shravya reveals what happened at party to Soundarya and AnandRao. Soundarya says Deepa came here like AadiShakti and even we feared seeing her state and she may do anything to prove her. Shravya says Karthik is blaming without knowing anything and my sister character is fire from childhood and don’t drag her back let her prove that she didn’t do any wrong. On car Karthik thinks Deepa is reason for his insult.

Mounitha asks what you needed. Deepa asks Mounitha to tell what she did to break their wife and and husband relationship. Mounitha says you’re the reason for it. Deepa says you grower suspicion sees in his heart and we are separated because of you and now I realized it’s needed to prove that I’m innocent to my husband and I have to get the proofs from you until than I won’t leave you and show you torture, so Tell me what happened in my back.]

Mounitha says don’t know anything, I just loved Karthik and want to marry him. Deepa angrily breaks the vase and tells to Mounitha that she won’t leave her until she founds the truth and I’m the changed version of Deepa who is on mission to set my martial life, I will kill you but get to know the truth from your dead body. Mounitha says it’s crime to arrest them in house. Deepa shuts her saying I will make Karthik hate you revealing truth to him and Deepa takes Priyamani phone and removes the SIM and keeps Mounitha phone with her to listen her call to record them.

Mounitha says it’s not correct to hear other calls. Deepa says don’t talk about correct or wrong from your mouth and I cutted the gas connection too, so you can’t celebrate parties for my loss and I will make you guys get punishment. Mounitha says Karthik won’t leave if he founds it. Deepa says it won’t happen until I found the truth. Karthik reaches to Mounitha place and left from that place seeing the lock.

Deepa asks them to arrange food for her. They goes than Deepa comes out of Mounitha house. Priyamani and Mounitha notices Deepa is gone. Deepa shows letter to Contestable and asks her something in mute.

Precap – Karthik gets shocked seeing Hima things missing from home. Karthik questions his Mom who’s she to remove his daughter things. Deepa enters saying your daughter? Than accept it because very soon I’m going to break you suspicion.