Karthika Deepam 9th March 2021 Written Update: Anand Rao decides to bring Deepa and her kids to their home

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Episode starts with Mounitha acts Infront of Karthik like a good woman and tells him that did you get it how big conspiracy is going behind my back. Karthik consoles her. Mounitha says today you proved how much you trust me that’s enough for me because I don’t care about world and she takes him upstairs so they an talk.

Varanasi takes Deepa and her kids to new house which is belongs to her uncle. Deepa tells to Kids that I’m going to live for you at this new place because old Vantalakka is died in previous place and their is no fame hopes and dreams left. Varanasi and his brothers arranges the house and left from that place to bring other things needed for Deepa.

Next day Karthik wakesup at Mounitha place and asks Priyamani to get coffee for both of them. Priyamani wakes up Mounitha and tells that Karthik is here. Karthik apologies to Mounitha for his boring talks in the last night. Mounitha says that’s fine but you drank heavily. Karthik says it’s needed to sleep than both have their coffee.

Kids unpack their photos. Sourya asks if airport is near them? Deepa asks why? Sourya says Dad can’t come in train like us if he want to see us that’s why. Hima says Dad won’t come to us, if we ever saw him than we get tears not smile. Deepa says you choosed to stay with me over your Dad, stand on that decision because Dad chapter is ended in your life and you guys only have Mom, even if he came for you, we don’t need him remember it. Sourya says than stop calling me Athamma because it’s better if we don’t remember grandmother also. Deepa feels angry.

Soundarya sees Aditya and asks if he founds anything about Deepa. Aditya says she took care and didn’t informed to anyone that where she is going. AnandRao asks what happened. Soundarya says nothing, Deepu got fever. AnandRao feels worried. Soundarya makes him sit and thinks she did good by hiding Deepa matter.

AnandRao asks where is Karthik. Aditya tells him that he went to some surgery. Anand Rao says I decided something, we have to bring Deepa and her kids to our home and I don’t care how Karthik will react. Karthik asks what happened. AnandRao asks if he is at hospital wholr night? Karthik says yes. AnandRao says I’m waiting for you and your mom will explain you. Soundarya says their is is nothing.

AnandRao says start the car, let’s bring Deepa and kids to home. Karthik says let’s bring kids. AnandRao says don’t separate kids from her mother so let’s go. Karthik tells him it won’t happen. Anand Rao says he can’t live in this pain and insists Karthik but Soundarya asks him to listen Karthik.

Karthik says I thought you will be first one to support Dad but why you’re supporting me. Soundarya thinks from where you can bring them. AnandRao says he is feeling bad remembering kids and he begs Karthik to listen to him and about to go out but Soundarya stop them and reveals that Deepa left city with her kids.

Precap – kids name their Tiffin centre as Nanna Tiffin’s. Deepa angrily goes inside. Karthik gets emotional at Deepa place.