Karthika Deepam 9th November 2022 Written Update: Sourya gets suspicious of Indrudu’s changed behaviour

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The episode starts with Chandramma asking Sourya what she is thinking? Chandramma asks Sourya if she was thinking about why Indrudu said they are her parents to the Pandit. Sourya says yes. Indrudu says it wouldn’t be a problem normally but as her grandparents are looking for her it would not be good if they found out she is here. Sourya agrees with Indrudu. Sourya asks Indrudu when are they going to Sangareddy?

Indrudu asks Sourya why should they go there? Sourya reminds Indrudu what he said about Sourya’s parent’s being in Sangareddy and looking for them. Indrudu says yes we will look for them after settling down here. Sourya questions Indrudu on his changed behaviour as he would have taken Sourya to search for her parents normally but he is not doing it now even when she reminded him. Indrudu says it is because they also have to be careful about her grandparents and says if they knew she is here. Her grandparents would take her away.

Mounitha waits for Karthik and Deepa outside Deepa’s house. Durga notices Mounitha outside Deepa’s house. Durga asks Mounitha what is he doing here? Mounitha doesn’t answer and goes into Deepa’s house to get away from Durga. Durga sees that Mounitha is frustrated with what he said last night and decides to increase the dose. Durga challenges Mounitha that Karthik and Deepa will return at the same time.

Mounitha doesn’t agree with what Durga said. Karthik and Deepa return at the same time. Karthik asks Durga what are they doing here? Durga says Mounitha brought him here as no one is here and leaves from there. Karthik asks Mounitha if for their romance that house is not enough. Mounitha asks Karthik to stop and asks them where did they go? Mounitha also asks Karthik that he used to handle the business in the boutique but now he is not even doing that and asks where did they go? Mounitha questions Deepa on why she is hanging with Karthik all the time?

Karthik asks Mounitha to shut up and asks Mounitha who is hanging with whom? Karthik says to Mounitha that there is nothing like that and says Deepa is worried about her husband and her children that’s why he is helping her. Mounitha thinks to herself that Karthik controlled his anger on her just like that and thinks Karthik might really recalled his memory. Karthik takes Mounitha away from there. Deepa sees Sourya’s photo and cries to herself.

Mounitha searches in Karthik’s clothes. Mounitha finds Karthik’s purse and a lot of money in it. Karthik comes and asks Mounitha what is she doing? Mounitha tries to cover it up. Karthik tells Mounitha to ask her if she has any doubts. Mounitha questions Karthik on where did he get this much money from?

Karthik says he put his chain as collateral for money. Mounitha asks Karthik why did he do that? Karthik says he doesn’t want to depend on her. Mounitha asks why is that? Durga comes and asks Mounitha how is the chain that she gave. Karthik hearing this comments on Mounitha and leaves from there. Mounitha questions Durga about when did he give him the chain? Durga says these dramas are necessary to make Karthik go to Deepa. Mounitha asks Durga to leave her. Durga asks Mounitha to leave Karthik. Mounitha says she will not do that. Mounitha thinks to herself if Karthik really recalled his memory or not?

Episode ends.

Recap – Deepa asks Karthik for some money to do Pooja in the temple. Karthik says she should never worry about money and gives her the money he has. Mounitha comes and takes the money. Mounitha questions Karthik on why does he have to give the money to Deepa. Mounitha thinks if Karthik hits her now then Karthik recalled his memory. Karthik slaps Mounitha, With it, Mounitha confirms Karthik recalled his memory.