Karthika Deepam: A shocker for Karthik

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points. Currently, Mounitha’s attempts to kill Deepa have glued the audience to the screens.
As reported earlier, Mounitha threatens to kill Deepa or Karthik before tomorrow. Deepa warns Mounitha she will kill Mounitha if she tries to do a thing to Karthik.

Mounitha recalls Deepa warning her and tries to push Deepa into the water. Karthik stops Mounitha and takes Mounitha to a side and asks her if she is mad as she is trying to kill Deepa. Mounitha admits to Karthik and says she will never allow anyone to come in between them.

Mounitha asks Karthik to promise her that he will never talk to Deepa again. Mounitha threatens to burn herself with the sacred fire if he doesn’t promise her. Deepa dares Mounitha. Siva Latha takes Mounitha from there.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Karthik will overhear when Deepa complains to Durga that she will not leave Mounitha as she tried to burn her alive using Vaani. Karthik asks Deepa about it. Deepa says Vaani tried to burn her alive in her house.

Karthik goes and questions Mounitha on why did she try to kill Deepa as she is only worried for her husband and child. Mounitha satirically asks if she is worried about her husband or for him. Karthik asks Mounitha to shut up.

Will Mounitha keep her word? Will Karthik be able to save Deepa?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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