Karthika Deepam: Karthik is infuriated

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points. Currently, Indrudu lies to Sourya have glued the audience to the screens.
As reported earlier, Indrudu lies to Sourya saying he met Soundarya outside and she said to him to bring Sourya to them when Sourya wants to come.

Sourya hearing this feels sad and thinks her grandparents are forgetting her. Indrudu comforts Sourya. Soundarya recalls what happened and gets suspicious with Mounitha’s behaviour and thinks of the possibility that Karthik might be with Mounitha.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Siva comes and greets Mounitha. Mounitha asks Siva why is there a difference in his greeting. Siva says she should talk to the police. Mounitha asks Siva if he dropped Soundarya in the outskirts of Hyderabad or not. Siva says yes and asks Mounitha who is Soundarya.

Karthik thinks of who might those blood marks belong to. Mounitha gives 1 lakh to Siva to keep his mouth shut. Karthik comes and asks Mounitha why is she giving money to Siva. Mounitha says she is giving the Supari to Siva to kill Deepa. Karthik hearing this gets angry.

Will Karthik be able to save Deepa? Will Sourya be able to meet her grandparents?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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