Karthika Deepam: Soundarya and Anandrao try to patch up the differences between Hima and Jwala

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Maa TV popular show Karthika Deepam serial is witnessing some major turning points.

As reported earlier Soundarya gives an envelope to Jwala. Jwala opens it and sees the painting of Nirupam that she tore in anger. Jwala says sorry to Nirupam and says she doesn’t want to tear his photo but you broke my heart and she feels Tingri is responsible for her pain. Jwala asks Soundarya if she is the one who plastered it.

Soundarya says relationships are not papers if you tear them away they will not tear. Jwala says she betrayed me and betrayal is more painful than losing. Hima slaps Shobha. Hima warns not to call Jwala as Hima if she did she will go to tell Nirupam that she doesn’t have cancer. Then you know what happens.

Soundarya says she will bring Young man with her in the evening. Jwala sees the painting of Nirupam and thinks of what happened and she breaks the glass in anger. Nirupam thinks of why Hima is not happy even now as he cleared the confusion with Jwala. Swapna thinks where did mom go now.

Nirupam stops the car. Swapna asks why did he stop the car. Nirupam shows Jwala. Nirupam asks Jwala why are you here. Swapna says why are you asking calmly. Swapna says to Nirupam to ask strongly. Jwala counters her. Swapna gets angry and slaps angry. Jwala says the pain on the heart is more hurtful than the pain on the cheek.

Jwala goes away returning his auto keys. Nirupam tries to give wedding card to Jwala but Swapna stops him. Shobha comes to Nirupam’s home and sees the auto outside. Nirupam and Swapna are shown to be making list for the invitations. Shobha comes and searches for Jwala but she doesn’t find her and greets them.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Soundarya and Anandrao will come to Jwala’s home. Soundarya will say to Jwala that she brought Tingri without her permission. Jwala will throw Hima out of her house and will say why did you come here. Anandrao will ask Jwala to hear her. Jwala will say to them to go away and say they have no relationship with her.

Will Jwala find Tingari is Hima? Can Soundarya resolve the issue?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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