Kartik regrets his behavior towards Sirat: Yeh Rishta Kya Kelata Hai

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High voltage drama ahead in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai with Sirat misunderstanding Kartik for sending police at her house.

So far in the episode it is seen, Naira’s ring goes missing. Goenka’s accuse Sirat. Sirat tells them that she haven’t stolen the ring. Manish and Rhea accuse Sirat. In the heat of moment Sirat slaps Mainsh unintentionally. Kartik gets furious on Sirat and orders her to leave the house. Mauri plead Kartik to hear Sirat once. Sirat asks Mauri to stop pleading in front of Goenka’s. She keep her stuff on the table and asks Kartik to check her stuff and if he gets his ring than good else he can throw her belonging as she is not carrying them along with her. Mauri says to Sirat that talk clear the misunderstanding.


Sirat says they are poor and none will believe them. Mauri asks what about Kairav. Sirat says Kairav’s family is there to help him. She says she didn’t did any favour by helping Kairav. Sirat says she has always prayed for Kairav and will continue doing that. Goenka’s make the face. Sirat asks Goenka’s to inform Kairav, she didn’t left the house by her own but they threw her by insulting her. Kartik recall how Sirat in the heat of moment slapped Mainsh. Mauri tries to speak. Sirat says none is important to her other than Mauri. Afterwards, Mauri and Sirat walks out from the house. Sirat recalls her moment with Goenka’s. Mauri ask Sirat where they will go now. Sirat says she will do something.

Further, Kartik learns that Sirat is not-guilty and regret his action. He decides to bring back Sirat and Mauri. It will be interesting to watch if Sirat will forgive Kartik or not this time.

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