Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th September 2019 written update: Shivani discloses the truth of accident to Prerna

The episode begins with Prerna is standing in front of the ICU holding Anurag’s hand. She suddenly remembers that on the day of her marriage with Mr. Bajaj asks to be loyal to him after the marriage as well. Prerna distanced her hand from his and asks the doctors to take him inside.

Prerna is waiting outside when she turned and saw Shivani is standing behind her. She hugs and asks how come she knows that Anurag meets with an accident? Shivani says because I am the one who brought him here. Shivani accused Prerna of Anurag’s state, she asked her how much you are going to torture him and give him pain?

What is your limit, are you waiting for him to die? Prerna can’t take anymore this accusation and she slapped Shivani. Shivani is taken aback by her reaction when Prerna says to her she can handle and tolerate any kind of criticism and allegations against herself but not against Anurag. Hence she should think twice before talking about Anurag. Shivani asks Prerna what kind of concern she is showing for Anurag? One side she is dumping him and getting married to Mr. Bajaj and then the other side she is telling to speak about Anurag wisely?

Princes, what you think I have no concern for him? Does his life belong to him only? Even though I am a human being and all the stones and allegations do affect me. However, I am habituated to all this but I can’t tolerate anything against Anurag. Shivani tells Prerna that for her Anurag is finished and she married Mr.Bajaj whom he hates the most. Mr Bajaj also doesn’t like Anurag much, so, you should think about the fact that two people are fighting with each other just because of you. Prerna tries to defend Mr Bajaj in front of Shivani and says he has no problem with her living under the same roof with Anurag. Shivani confronts then why did Mr. Bajaj hit Anurag with his car? Prerna gets shocked to listen to this.

Prerna says to Shivani you have nothing to talk but you only have so many complaints against me. See like now, you had used with that and that is why you are accusing him of causing the accident of Anurag. Shivani says if you tell all this to me earlier I will think that you fall for Mr. Bajaj but what I have seen with my own eyes cannot be denied. She told Prerna when the accident took place I was at the same spot and everything happened in front of my eyes. Ok for your sake I am ready to assume that whatever happened was not intentional from Mr. Bajaj side. Then tell me one thing, why did he leave Anurag injured on road and escape from there like a coward. Prerna gets shocked to listen to all this.

Mr. Bajaj gets a thought in his car that he shouldn’t have left Mr. Basu injured on the road like that. He should have given name lift to a hospital but the crowd gathered and he just left the place. He goes back to the spot again and finds out Anurag is no more there. Hey, ask shopkeeper about Anurag when he informed that among the crowd a girl around 22 to 25 years took him to hospital. It appeared that she knows him well, maybe she is his sister.

Ayushman and Nushrat entered the Basu house and tries to contact Anurag but he is unavailable for this. They discuss among each other that Anurag invited us for Ganapati festival but now she is not reachable we don’t even know anybody here. They did promotion for their upcoming film.

Bajaj comes home and ask Sharda about Prerna when they do a lot of dramas and conveys to Bajaj that has gone out of the house like a maniac for Anurag. Bajaj understands that Prerna is aware of Anurag meeting an accident and the thinks that he should talk to Prerna.

Prerna leaves the hospital premises with the determined face to confront Bajaj. Prerna comes home and asks Mr. Bajaj did he hit Anurag with his car? Mr. Bajaj ask her not to doubt him without knowing the full story. Prerna says I just wanted to know did you hit him with your car? Bajaj says yes.

Precap – Shivani informs Mohini about Anurag and Mohini comes to the hospital to meet him. Prerna asks Bajaj why did he leave him injured in the middle of the road?